What’s new in this edition

What’s New in This Issue The UK and UK-based Farm Bureau of England (FBOE) has issued its quarterly publication, Next Big Farm, and the news comes as the UK is on track to become the first country in the world to have its national dairy supply chain digitised and automated, with new data set to […]

Roloff Farm: How a tree farm has saved a rural town

The story of Roloffs farm in central New York State is an unlikely tale of perseverance, and resilience, and a community that has thrived thanks to the dedication of their members.The RolOff Farm is located in the town of Woodstock, New York. The RolOFF Farm was built in the early 1970s as a tree house.It has […]

What’s in the apple farm’s new ‘farm dog food’?

Apple farms in Kentucky and Tennessee are selling food and other products made with genetically modified ingredients.The new product, the Farm Dog Food, has a new name: the Kentucky Farm Dog.The product, which will be available for purchase at apple farms across the US, features a new type of corn that can be engineered to […]

Why are you getting taxed again?

Token farms are growing rapidly across the US, as the digital economy continues to take off.They are essentially “token” companies – that is, they are not owned by a company but rather are owned by their owners.They offer consumers low-cost access to online services, such as email and mobile payments, that could otherwise be out […]

How much is a fox farm worth?

Farmers’ rights activists have taken to social media to ask the question: how much is an apple farm worth to the farmer?The ABC has been unable to confirm the value of the Fox Farm farm at the time of publication.The farm’s owner, the Fox Family Farm, says the farm is worth $15 million, but this […]

How to find a good home for your next TV farm

A TV farm is a way to raise a farm for television and video.They are also an alternative to building a home.Here are some of the best TV farms around the world.The BBC’s “Totally Fabulous” The BBC has been working with TV farms for the last 10 years, and its recently published the book “The […]

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