How to save your farm in California

The state of California has a new law that allows farmers to file for a refund if they purchase a farm stand that they never used.Farm stand refunds are available to buyers who purchase a stand that is no longer in use, but it’s not necessary for farmers to buy a stand to receive one.However, […]

How much does a farm state farm rebate cost?

Posted November 03, 2018 07:29:40 A farm state rebate can be a big money-spinner for some farmers and even some small businesses.But the most common rebate offered by the Australian Agriculture and Water Resources Agency (AAWRRA) for farmers and small businesses can cost thousands of dollars.“The rebate is for the whole state or territory and […]

The Best and Worst of IGN’s New Releases

IGN is pleased to announce that we’ve released the Best and the Worst of New Releases of the New Year, and we’ll be keeping them coming every Tuesday through the end of March.The first batch of New Year’s content is here, and it includes our Top 10 picks of the year, as well as some […]

What’s new in FIFA 17

FUT 17 is out this week, but the FIFA 17 simulator has been updated to a much more realistic experience and is now the first-person football game in the world to allow you to build a farm. This is a great addition for those of you that enjoy building their own farm, and it also gives […]

Which farm will receive the most cash refunds?

Updated May 11, 2018 11:01:53 Farm Bureau officials said they expect the farm bureau to receive the largest cash refunds this year.The bureau expects to receive $1.8 billion in farm payments, with $1 billion of that going to the states.The remainder of the payments will go to farmers and consumers who purchased crops through the […]

Farmers fear $5bn flood of farm products could hit them

Farmers are fearing a flood of agricultural products, including fruit, vegetable and meat, could flood into their markets as a result of the floods, as the state government scrambles to recover from a severe drought.Key points:The state government says the flooding will affect about 30,000 farmers in the stateThe state has been forced to cut […]

How to save money on the state farm: The USDA

The USDA’s Farm Credit program has helped a lot of people in Kentucky.But it hasn’t always been that easy for the state. It’s been a tough year for Kentucky farmers, and many farmers are getting some of the biggest cuts from the program. Here’s what you need to know about the program: In 2014, the USDA gave millions of […]

How to get a refund on farmland subsidies

Farmers across the country are being asked to explain why they’ve been given a £20m refund for farm subsidies that have been paid into their accounts for years.The payments were due to run out in the summer of 2019, and the government was due to stop them by that date.But the payments have been extended […]

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