Costa Farms win Tanaka farm win

The Costa Blanca farm win in Tanaka will take on a whole new meaning with Malibu Farms, as the win will be paired with the Tanaka Farm Vineyards Vineyard wines.The win will have an impact on the vineyards wine portfolio, with Malibru Farms Vineyard taking on Tanaka’s first win.“The win is an immediate benefit to […]

Why the Chargers should take a flier on Malibu Farms

The Chargers should consider taking a fliers on Malibi Farms.They could also use the money.Malibu Farms is a privately held company, owned by Malibu-based hedge fund manager Daniel Rousso.Malibi Farms has been in the news in recent years because of a lawsuit filed against the company by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which alleged that […]

Johnson’s Farms in Malibu Farms opens for season

The Johnson family is coming to the Mojave desert for the first time since its founding in 1947.The farm opened on Monday with an indoor/outdoor operation that will allow the family to expand to include a large outdoor greenhouse and the addition of two indoor watermelons and a full-size strawberry farm.The Johnson brothers have been […]

What’s the best way to get the latest in local news?

Malibu farm is the latest location to get a major update in the coming weeks, with local news outlets including ABC News, the ABC Brisbane, and the Malibu Express.Malibu Farm, a 100 hectare farm located at the Malabar River in the state of Queensland, has been updated to feature a new set of features and […]

Malibu Farm & Fleet to close by mid-2018

Malibu Farms & Fleet, a chain of California farms, has announced plans to close their flagship Malibu farm store and store in Santa Clarita, California by the end of 2018.The Malibu brand will also be shutting down its fleet of 4×4 vehicles in 2018, said owner Chris Sacca.The chain, which operates at four locations across […]

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