What is a ‘Big Farm’? A Brief Guide

The biggest farm is the most powerful farm, and there are many types of farms in Australia, with different strengths and weaknesses.But there is a clear division between the big farm and the smaller farms.For example, the Australian Government owns a large number of small farms, with more than 10,000 individual farms.This is often called […]

Kentucky farmer who sued Monsanto over genetically modified corn, soybeans sue in federal court

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A Kentucky farmer whose lawsuit against Monsanto alleges the U.S. company intentionally sprayed his fields with genetically modified seeds has agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle a case in U.K. courts, according to the U,a spokeswoman for the U.-N.Food and Agriculture Organization.The U.N. agency said the sum, due in April, will […]

The biggest little farm in the state

The biggest farm in North Dakota has been shut down after it was discovered that some strawberries were being grown on the property, according to a spokesperson for the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.The state’s Department of Public Health said that two farms that were used to grow strawberries were notified of the […]

Why do we live in cities and not rural areas?

When I was growing up in rural South Dakota, my parents worked the fields.My dad was a farmhand, and I was the baby.We grew corn and beans, and we worked the cotton and soybean fields.When my parents died when I was a baby, my mom took me to a church that I didn’t recognize.The pastor […]

Ohio Senate passes bill to pay for state farm bill

JOE BILLS, OHIO—Ohio senators voted on Wednesday to pass a bill that would pay for the state’s farm bill, sending it to Gov.John Kasich’s desk for his signature.The bill, Senate Bill 2159, passed the Senate on a vote of 32-3.It passed the House last month by a vote that was 60-30.The farm bill has been […]

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