Girl meets farm and family farm in Kentucky

Farm girl Katie Lutz, 13, has just finished her first year of high school at Kinkade High School in Kentucky.She’s been the center of a national conversation about the growing number of farm girls being turned away from school, and she wants to be the face of that change.Katie has been in foster care since […]

A Girl in Kentucky Farm Bases Herself on Her Family’s Funniest Farm Photo

Posted May 02, 2019 05:59:10Farmers in Kentucky are known for being hard-working, resourceful, and hard-tongued.That makes the farm bureau of Kentuckians’ local news station, KY Farm, particularly popular among the rural, rural-friendly audience.The Farm Bureau of Kentucky (FBK) recently picked up a local farmer who wanted to share her farm experience with the local news […]

Which farm is the best for girls to visit?

Farm Fresh in Farmingdale, New York, has partnered with Girls Guide for a special farm tour for the 2018-2019 school year.The group will spend the summer visiting a dozen of the largest and best farms in New York State, including two in Farmingville, the New York metropolitan area.“Farm Fresh has always been about empowering girls,” […]

How to weed a farm without using chemicals

A growing number of farmers are using a weed-killing technology known as “smart water management” to keep weeds at bay on their land.The new technology, which can help control weeds by using a chemical known as neonicotinoid, could be used on a wider scale to fight a wide range of weeds, from aphids and aphids-resistant […]

When a farm girl meets a farm boy

Johnson’s Farm, N.J. — The farm girl met a farm guy, but didn’t think much of it until the boy told her that he had been working in the fields for 10 years.Then the farm girl found out about the boy’s farm and got her heart set on getting married.But when the boy left, the […]

Girl and dog find the perfect new home

The owners of a young Australian dog and a young farm dog have been reunited after the pair lost their lives in a tragic fire at their home in northern New South Wales.The farm dog died in the blaze at Magnolia Farms, about 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of the town of Wollongong, while the […]

Girl meets farm to table for pet farm

Girl meets a farm to-table for pet farming.A girl met a farm in South Dakota to-day and has agreed to have a pet farm for her.The farm is in Pahrump, where the owner has a large barn.The girl said she has been a farm girl all her life, and that her husband and her sister […]

When is the next royal farm to open?

A farm that is currently in a transitional period could soon be open for business.Royal Farm to Table is located in the village of Shaftesbury in Gloucestershire, England.The farm is owned by the family of John, the first person to win the Formula One world title in 1994.The family is also the owners of the […]

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