Snake River farms have been closed for the season

Snake River Farms have been shut down this season for safety reasons, but they’ll remain open for farmers to pick fruit, produce and sell to customers.The closure means the farms in the north-west have to close down for several weeks and will allow fruit and vegetable pickers to move to the new farm in north-eastern […]

Ant Farm cast members react to casting news

Ant Farm star and director Jason Robins says he is very excited to be a part of the production team for the next Ant Farm movie.Ant Farm will premiere in the United States and Australia on July 18.Robins tells The Hollywood Reporter that he and the rest of the cast and crew are super excited […]

Malibu Farm & Fleet to close by mid-2018

Malibu Farms & Fleet, a chain of California farms, has announced plans to close their flagship Malibu farm store and store in Santa Clarita, California by the end of 2018.The Malibu brand will also be shutting down its fleet of 4×4 vehicles in 2018, said owner Chris Sacca.The chain, which operates at four locations across […]

Woman met farmer boys

A woman from the small rural Italian town of Piacenza met two boys who were the future fathers of her four children.Francesca D’Alessandro met the boys when she worked in a farmhouse, where they worked alongside her two brothers, according to local news.D’Alesandro, 25, told local media that the boys had helped her raise four […]

How to grow your own ranch grass

Growing your own grass on your farm can be a little intimidating.We’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choices and get started. Farm Girl: Growing your Own Ranch Grass Farm Girl is an online lifestyle magazine, covering the basics of growing, harvesting, and harvesting your own farm grass.The article will take you […]

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