Georgia Farm Insurance Offers $10 Off Your Burgers

Farm burger sales are surging in Georgia.The number of new meat-packing and meat-processing jobs in the state jumped from 4,300 jobs in August to 12,000 last month.Thats a 10% jump from the same month last year.That’s more than triple the number of jobs from the month before.The increase in the meat industry is a big […]

California’s Mendocino County farm sex: Who cares?

In an area known for its farm-to-table restaurants and home-cooked meals, the biggest farm in California is still owned by its founder.Mendocinians, like their neighbors, don’t really seem to care.The farm is one of many that have been in the spotlight in recent months, and a recent investigation by the Los Angeles Times revealed that […]

When the Farm Sex of the Future Is ‘Body Farm’

Farm sex is about having sex with a variety of bodies.We talk about it and what it might be like.Farm sex on the farm is about the bodies that people make and farm sex in general is about getting naked, getting aroused, and having sex.It’s about a little bit of experimentation and exploration.We’ll be exploring […]

Texas farm bureau is getting new ‘wildflower sex’ app

A Texas farm agency is expanding its ‘wild flower sex’ apps, with the first app offering “wildflower” and “wild carnival” with an erotic twist.The Texas Farm Bureau is rolling out the app to its farm-to-table and farm-lover communities, as part of a broader effort to build a more diverse audience for its products.In a blog […]

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