How to stop ‘the drought’ of farmers in North Carolina

Farmers in North America have suffered from an unprecedented drought since December.But a coalition of agro-entrepreneurs and farm groups say they’re taking action to make it a bit easier to get through it.The group is calling for a bill to force agrochemicals companies to label products containing chemicals like glyphosate, which has been linked to […]

What is a ‘Big Farm’? A Brief Guide

The biggest farm is the most powerful farm, and there are many types of farms in Australia, with different strengths and weaknesses.But there is a clear division between the big farm and the smaller farms.For example, the Australian Government owns a large number of small farms, with more than 10,000 individual farms.This is often called […]

How To Get the Most Out of a Summer of Schrute Farms

Schrutes are among the few small-scale, family-owned businesses that have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years.Schrutenies have been on a steady rise since the early 1980s, thanks in part to a combination of federal tax incentives and the increasing availability of fresh fruit and vegetables.The business has also seen a resurgence in the last decade, […]

Which crops are best for coastal farming?

By the end of this year, the Atlantic Ocean will be home to the world’s first ocean farm, built on the waters of New York Harbor.The project, which could be the first commercial marine farm in the US, has received the support of dozens of environmental groups, including the League of Conservation Voters, the Nature […]

How to get a green passport

An Oregon farmer’s quest to create a sustainable farming community in a state where a growing population is expected to drive up the cost of food, water and electricity is being closely watched.A local television station recently aired a segment on the farm where Blain’s Farm owner John Johnston has been raising chickens for a […]

Which farmers will benefit from a new farm bill?

RTE 1 NEWS – AUSTRALIA’S farms are not the only ones struggling.Some of the country’s most iconic coastal farms are also struggling, and the Government is trying to help them.Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson 2 Farmers have warned that if they do not act soon, they may lose their farms.They are facing a new crop […]

How to grow your own ranch grass

Growing your own grass on your farm can be a little intimidating.We’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choices and get started. Farm Girl: Growing your Own Ranch Grass Farm Girl is an online lifestyle magazine, covering the basics of growing, harvesting, and harvesting your own farm grass.The article will take you […]

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