The ant farm: The best of the best

The future of ant farming is a bit uncertain, with the first farm opening in North Carolina on Friday.The new farm will operate as a “social enterprise” but will also operate a full-service ant farm that will include an ant farm bureaus, ant farms, ant farm agents, and other services.The Ant Farm Bureau (AFB) said […]

Which is your favourite farm?

Happy Day Farms is a body farm in rural NSW, located about 150km north of Sydney.We specialize in healthy living, and we offer a range of activities for everyone.Our animals are fed the freshest and most delicious foods, which are made from organic materials, including grasses, beans and vegetables.We are located on a farm that […]

How to keep bees safe while raising your kids

A group of beekeepers in rural Pennsylvania are using a simple strategy to keep their bees healthy and happy: keep them out of their yards.Their approach is a simple one.They have two-way mirrors placed in front of their hives, so that bees can’t enter the house.The mirrors also allow for the bees to breathe, which […]

What to do when you buy a farm supply farm

Farm Bureau Insurance is offering a free insurance plan to homeowners and renters who are not covered by a traditional mortgage.The service, called Farm Bureau Farm and Home, will cover about $50 in cash premiums to cover farm products and farm services, including irrigation, crop insurance, and pest control.The Farm Bureau says the service is […]

Why do some animals keep dying at farms?

Farm animals are being slaughtered and killed in the UK to meet the demand for meat.Animal rights groups are urging farmers to take extra measures to protect their animals from disease and suffering, as well as for the welfare of their workers.Animals have a high mortality rate, and have been killed in appalling conditions in […]

Why the Ant Farm is so important to the world

It seems that a lot of the time when we’re talking about the ethics of animals we’re looking at the actions of people.This week we’re tackling the elephant in the room: the animal agriculture industry.In this post we’ll talk about the ethical issues surrounding animal farming, the different types of farming, and the ways in […]

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