Girl and dog find the perfect new home

The owners of a young Australian dog and a young farm dog have been reunited after the pair lost their lives in a tragic fire at their home in northern New South Wales.The farm dog died in the blaze at Magnolia Farms, about 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of the town of Wollongong, while the […]

When will we get our dairy bills?

Ireland’s dairy industry has long been a magnet for the nation’s economic and political elite, and for good reason.But what happens when the economic downturn hits?Ireland is home to the world’s largest dairy herd, and it is likely to see a significant reduction in sales when farmers return to business.Farmers’ insurance is a key source […]

How to create an ICO token farm

The tokens that are being traded on token farms, like token names, will be assigned by the companies using the blockchain.It’s the blockchain, not a decentralized database, and unlike a traditional company that will take over an ICO’s finances, the ICOs’ creators will take responsibility for managing them.But the process is complicated.Here are some of […]

How to grow tomatoes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the nation with the largest amount of strawberries in the world, and is also the country with the highest strawberry production in the country.Costa Rica produces over 4 million tonnes of strawberries a year.The country has over 600 farms that produce strawberries for local consumption.Costa Rica has a long history of producing […]

What’s in the apple farm’s new ‘farm dog food’?

Apple farms in Kentucky and Tennessee are selling food and other products made with genetically modified ingredients.The new product, the Farm Dog Food, has a new name: the Kentucky Farm Dog.The product, which will be available for purchase at apple farms across the US, features a new type of corn that can be engineered to […]

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