California farms that are making the world’s best wine

I am not an expert in wine, but if you are in the market for a new wine, you might want to check out a few of California’s farms.

Here are some of the best farms in the state to get you started.

Happy Day Farm In Malibu, the Happy Day Farms is a wine making operation run by local winemaker Sarah D. Stoddard that produces over 50,000 bottles a year.

This small farm produces wines that have a dryness, flavor and a dry finish.

The grapes are grown in the San Bernardino Valley and are grown for the California Wine Growers Association, according to its website.

Dries well on its own, but the vines are also used in other wine-making processes, such as in the wine making process of a cheese.

The farm produces around 50,00 bottles a day and the company says it has sold over 3,000,000 glasses of wine since its founding in 2014.

One of the most popular wines from the farm is the “Bruin.”

The wine is a full-bodied, slightly sweet and tart red that has a dry, creamy finish.

Dried fruits are used to make the wine, and the berries and herbs used for the wine are added to the wine to add a depth of flavor and balance.

Happy Tree Farm is located in the hills of Southern California and is a winery that is run by husband and wife team of Chris and Kim Siegel.

They produce a number of award-winning wines, including the popular “Broom,” which is a red wine with a dry taste that is perfect for summer.

The vineyards are located in Mendocino County, near Los Angeles, and produce around 300,000 gallons of wine annually.

The wines that are produced on the farm are typically produced in a small, medium and large winery, and are also served in restaurants.

One wine that they make regularly is the award-nominated “Sierra Blanca” which is named after the wine grapes.

The wine, which is aged for around 10 years, is often paired with a variety of dishes.

“Boom Boom Boom,” is a delicious and spicy red wine that is served with a salad, a pasta dish or in a dessert.

Happy Trees winery is located at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Long Beach Boulevard in Malibu.

The winery was founded in 1997 and is currently one of the oldest wineries in California.

The Siegels began their winery in 2009 and now produce more than 70,000 barrels of wine each year.

They are also the owners of the famous Biergarten, a wine shop located near the restaurant.

This wine shop is known for its specialty, aged reds.

In addition to wine, the winery also produces cider and liqueurs, as well as beer.

The business also produces a variety the famous “Bubble Tea.”

The wines at the wineries are made using a unique method called the “Grapevine.”

In this process, grapevines are soaked in water for several days.

The water is then added to an electric mixer and then heated.

The grapevine juice is added and the mixer spins at high speed for several minutes.

The resulting wine is then poured into glasses and served.

Another famous winery on the vine is the Hogs Head Estate Winery, which was started in 2013 and is located on the site of the former Hogshead Liquor Store in Huntington Beach.

This winery produces several different types of wines, and their “Mead of Hope” is the favorite of local food lovers.

This dry, tart, sweet and full-flavored wine is made from a blend of grapes and is aged in oak barrels for around three years.

The alcohol content of the wine is between 6% and 8%, according to the winemakers website.

It is available in glass and on the market as a dessert, liqueur, and wine bar.

Other wine producing sites in the area include the San Joaquin Valley Winery and the Southern California Winery.

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