New Zealand farmer dies of heart attack in cattle market

The farm in Blain’s Farm near Marlborough, New Zealand, has lost another farmer to a heart attack.

The farm lost another farm worker yesterday, as well.

An elderly farmer died after collapsing in a crowded cattle market on the outskirts of Blain Street, Blain.

His wife, Maureen, told The Press that they are in shock.

She said he had been out shopping when he collapsed.

He was pronounced dead on the spot.

The family has been told he had suffered a heart condition.

Blain resident Peter Stroud was at the market, which is held every year.

He said he saw a number of people coming and going from the area and he saw an elderly man collapse in front of a stall.

Stroud said there were no signs of violence.

“He was very sick, but he was just doing what any person would do.”

There were also reports of a number more people being injured, he said.

“There was an ambulance coming up the road from the hospital and they were all saying there was a young man who had been injured in a fight and was on the road.”

He wasn’t there and I just thought ‘what could possibly go wrong?’

“He’s a farmer, he was always in a fit of anger.”

He said it was shocking to see a young farmer who was so sick in the market collapse.

People were walking past him saying, ‘It’s really sad, what happened?’.

“The next day, he’s gone.”

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