Texas Governor, Farmers’ groups to announce partnership over climate change

Posted September 19, 2018 07:24:38The governor of Texas and several of the state’s top farmers and ranchers are announcing a partnership that will see them work together to combat climate change.

The Texas Farm Bureau Federation (TFBF), which represents more than 6 million farmers and about 300,000 ranchers in the state, is inviting members to participate in a pilot project to develop and deploy renewable energy technologies in rural communities.

The program, which was announced Monday, will involve a collaborative effort between the Texas Department of Agriculture (TxDA) and the Texas Farm Policy Council (TFPC), which provides technical assistance and financial assistance to ranchers and farmers across the state.

The pilot program will be modeled after the work done by the Texas Environmental Council and the Sustainable Energy Center (SECC), which have worked to make the rural farming economy a viable option for the future.

The TFBF and the TFCC said the partnership will be a partnership to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve rural economy through improved energy efficiency, renewable energy, and conservation.”

The TFCBF and the TFPC plan to continue working together on a national level to combat the threat of climate change.

“The Texas State Farm Bureau (TSFB), which oversees about 4 million acres of agricultural land and the vast majority of Texas’ agricultural production, is also announcing the pilot program.

The agency said it will collaborate with the TFB to implement the pilot to “provide the best agricultural environment possible for our customers and the state of Texas.”

The SFCB will work with Texas to develop a plan to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and help farmers grow more resilient to climate change, the agency said in a statement.

The partnership will also bring together TFC and TFB officials, and other state agencies, to help develop plans to meet the goals of the Texas Sustainable Energy Development Plan.”

Sossin said the goal of the partnership is to help farmers and their customers transition to renewable energy sources as they face the impacts of climate disruption.””

And we need your help.”

Sossin said the goal of the partnership is to help farmers and their customers transition to renewable energy sources as they face the impacts of climate disruption.

“This pilot is a big step toward helping farmers and others in Texas continue to grow, and it’s important that we get out there and do what we can to meet our climate goals,” he said.

The collaboration comes as many states are grappling with the impact of climate-related wildfires, which are now raging across much of the country.

More than 60 percent of the states agricultural land burned since 1950 has been destroyed by fires.

A number of states have enacted new fire restrictions, including a new law requiring state agencies to develop plans for fire-prevention in their states.

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