‘My little girl will die’: Animal lover finds herself in the crossfire of an anti-vaccination campaign

SAN FRANCISCO — A mother who says she is a veterinarian and a pet lover who has been vaccinated has taken to social media to voice her opposition to the use of vaccinations in the farming industry.

Melissa Gagliano’s post on Instagram on Thursday reads, “I am a veterinarian.

Vaccines are needed for the safety of farm animals.

We cannot allow them to die.”

The posting includes a link to the anti-vaxxers’ “Vaccines for Children” campaign and her request to the hashtag #FreeMelissa, which translates to “Free Melissa.”

“This is the latest in an ongoing series of attacks against us.

These are not only against me but also my family and all those who support us,” she said.

“We are all vulnerable and we are fighting to keep our farm safe.

Vaccinations are the safest and most effective way to protect our animals.”

Gagliano’s post has since been deleted but not before she posted a new video on her Facebook page that says, “Thank you for your concern and understanding.

This is not about vaccines.

Vaccine use is harmful and dangerous.

You are not the one that is to blame.

I am not against vaccines, but I would like to speak out against the lies and misinformation being spread by anti-Vaccine activists.”

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