How to get rid of feral dogs, cats and other unwanted animals in your backyard

A dog-free community could be in a hurry to get their feet wet in the city’s dog-friendly community, thanks to the arrival of feral cats, a new study suggests.

The study, published Tuesday in the journal PLOS ONE, shows that, while many dog owners already live in communities where pets are permitted, they still have limited access to the outdoors.

The researchers studied 1,945 households in New York City’s Catskill neighborhood.

They found that about 15 percent of the households have at least one pet, but the rest have no pet at all.

In comparison, fewer than 5 percent of households in the Bronx have feral cats.

When the researchers looked at the types of cats that were found in each household, they found that more than half had some kind of aggressive behavior, such as chasing and biting.

Another 28 percent had some type of aggressive physical behavior, including biting and jumping on the ground, according to the study.

More than half of the cats had some form of aggression toward people, while the rest were quiet, docile and peaceful, said study co-author Dr. Daniel J. Gorman, a veterinarian and professor of animal behavior at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

While some of the animals were aggressive toward humans, they tended to stay at home, he said.

“We don’t know why they’re there,” he said, “but there’s no good reason.”

“It’s just a natural instinct for them to live there.”

While the animals seem to be friendly, the researchers note that the animals are also often aggressive toward other pets.

Feral cats have been found roaming around neighborhoods in the U.S. for more than a decade, and the study found that some residents reported that the pets were aggressive, but did not want to move out of their homes.

They also were afraid of cats, according the study, which included more than 300 interviews.

In New York, the study indicates that the most aggressive animals were the two cats that had attacked the woman who lived in the home, Gorman said.

“We’re not saying they were dangerous, but they were aggressive,” he added.

The cats’ owners could be unaware of their behavior, or they may not be aware that they’re allowed to have cats, Gory said.

It could be a bad idea to have feral animals in the community, Gormann said.

They’re also dangerous, he added, noting that feral cats are often aggressive and destructive.

“The only people that are going to want to live near them are the owners.”

The cats can be dangerous to pets and people alike, said Gorman.

“They are very territorial,” he told NBC News.

Gory noted that it could be hard to find a place where people will leave their pets, since cats may seek new homes elsewhere.

For more information about pets, see this post.

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