Why a dairy farm in Montana may be a breeding ground for new strains of superbugs

The dairy farmer whose barn had a “B” for barn and a “M” for mill in his farm record has an unexpected new strain of superbug that can cause severe illness, paralysis, and even death.

The strain, named “Ranchi,” was found in a dairy barn owned by a farmer who is one of three owners of the Ranchi Dairy in New Hampshire, according to the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The two other owners of Ranchi are also dairy farmers, and they reported the strain to state officials.

The three owners are Stephen and Judy Gordon, who are in their 80s, respectively.

Stephen Gordon, a dairy farmer in New York, has worked in the dairy industry for 25 years, and he says he is not worried about the strain’s impact.

He says he has never experienced any problems from the strain, and the strain is contained in only one area of the barn.

“There’s nothing else like it in the barn,” Gordon told ABC News.

Gordon says he does not have to quarantine the barn to avoid the strain.

“I just need to have an area that is clean, that has the proper ventilation, that doesn’t have any kind of odor, and that’s the whole reason we had a barn at all,” he said.

The farm’s owner, the Gordon family, also said the barn was clean.

“The barn was all clean and the dairy farm was totally clean,” said Judy Gordon.

“And they didn’t have to sanitize the barn because the barn has a seal and the seal is kept in place by the milk cow and the milk cows are in the herd.

So we have no idea where this strain came from, if it’s from a milk cow, if the strain came there from a dairy herd, or if it came from the farm itself.”

It’s not the first time the Gordon farm has seen a strain of a bacteria that has caused serious illness in its dairy herd.

In the late 1980s, the milk dairy herd was infected with a strain that had been imported from China and was later found in the farm’s dairy barn.

The strain, dubbed “Warmbodies,” had killed the farm dairy herd and led to the deaths of the two other dairy farm owners, who died of the disease in 2006.

The strains were discovered by a farm worker in 2014.

When he reported the discovery to the dairy farmers and state regulators, the three owners immediately contacted the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a joint investigation found that the strain was likely from China.

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