What is a ‘Big Farm’? A Brief Guide

The biggest farm is the most powerful farm, and there are many types of farms in Australia, with different strengths and weaknesses.

But there is a clear division between the big farm and the smaller farms.

For example, the Australian Government owns a large number of small farms, with more than 10,000 individual farms.

This is often called a ‘farm system’.

Smaller farms are the backbone of Australia’s economy and the largest share of Australian households.

The other two big farm systems are the Agricultural Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Australian Food and Agricultural Marketing Commission.

The AFRTC oversees the Australian Commodities Futures and Overnight Guarantee Program.

Both are regulated by the federal government.

They are also regulated by state governments.

These agencies, and other organisations, are responsible for oversight of the Australian food and agricultural industry.

The Agricultural Commoty Futures trading commission regulates the agricultural futures market.

It regulates the trading of agricultural products in Australia and the trading in the futures market in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

The Australian Food & Agricultural Marketing Commodition Trading Commission oversees the food and packaged goods market.

In Australia, it also regulates the Australian market for milk and egg products.

Other agencies include the Food Safety Authority of Australia (FSAA), the National Food Safety and Standards Authority (NFSA), the Australian Meat Inspection Agency (AMIA), and the National Farmers’ Federation (NF).

These organisations, as well as the Australian Department of Agriculture, oversee the supply chain, supply chain management and safety in Australia.

The Government owns all the land and most of the farms in the country.

The Agriculture Department oversees the processing and marketing of the nation’s crops, livestock, dairy products and meat.

This includes the import and export of goods and services from overseas.

The Department of Finance oversees the administration of the Government’s financial assets, including the Australian Customs Collection, the National Customs Collection and the Customs Services.

The Treasury Department oversees Australian banknotes, bonds and derivatives.

The National Infrastructure Facility (NIF) oversees the nation of Australia.

This financial institution, which is part of the Federal Government, runs the Nation’s Roads, Water and Communications infrastructure, including major airports and other key infrastructure.

It also manages Australia’s land and water resources.

The Transport Department oversees a wide range of infrastructure including rail, road and rail bridges, roads and tunnels, highways, and rail lines.

The Federal Government owns most of Australia, and its assets include land, water, energy, ports, airports, railroads, ports and waterways.

The Commonwealth is the main body responsible for the Commonwealth.

It is also the main administrative agency for Australia.

In terms of land, the Commonwealth owns more than one-third of the land in Australia with the rest in the hands of the states and territories.

In the Australian Capital Territory, the majority of the territory’s land is held by the state of Queensland.

Other Commonwealth assets include the Murray Darling Basin and the Great Barrier Reef.

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