A Girl in Kentucky Farm Bases Herself on Her Family’s Funniest Farm Photo

Posted May 02, 2019 05:59:10Farmers in Kentucky are known for being hard-working, resourceful, and hard-tongued.

That makes the farm bureau of Kentuckians’ local news station, KY Farm, particularly popular among the rural, rural-friendly audience.

The Farm Bureau of Kentucky (FBK) recently picked up a local farmer who wanted to share her farm experience with the local news outlet.

The story is about a family of six, who come from a farm that once belonged to their grandfather.

The farm is a replica of a real farm, but the family still manages the farm, and their lives have changed since then.

The farm bureau picked up the story about a little girl named Sarah who was born with Down Syndrome and lives with her mom and dad.

Her story touched the family, and the Farm Bureau wanted to know if the girl would be interested in learning more about farming.

The daughter and her family took to social media to ask the farm staff if they could help out with an interview.

Sarah, the youngest of the girls, said she was interested in being interviewed about the farm.

The interview was scheduled to be on Thursday.

But the farm did not have the space for it, so Sarah requested a day off.

So Sarah and her mother decided to meet at a coffee shop in the small town of Fenton, Kentucky, just outside of Louisville.

The girl and her parents had a nice time and were looking forward to seeing the farm again.

They asked the farm to send them a list of questions they could ask.

After all, they had an interview planned for the next day.

On Wednesday, the farm answered the call.

“We got a lot of requests,” said Katie Kochel, the Farm Bureaus director.

The family was delighted to have Sarah on board.

“She’s a little quirky, so she’s a good fit for our format,” Kocher said.

Sarah and the farm are now looking forward a visit with the staff, too.

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