How to be a farmer in south-west Queensland

By Liz Latham The farm, which is in the South West, is owned by the late businessman William J. McArthur.

He and his wife bought the property from his daughter, Carol, in 1987.

The property has been in the family for generations.

The McArthur family, which owns more than 20 farms in South West Queensland, are still active in the area.

They were also responsible for the construction of the Glen Gippsland Agricultural Park in the 1960s.

They also owned the cattle farm in South Wirraway.

Carol McArthur and her husband, William, at the property, pictured.

Mr McArthur told The Sunday Times last year that the couple’s farm would be closed when they retired from the dairy industry.

But in December, Carol McArthur told ABC Radio Brisbane the farm was still a priority.

“It’s still a very important piece of land,” she said.

“We will have a lot of the cattle and sheep coming into the farm.

We have lots of cattle coming in.”

Carol McAvoy said she was not worried about the farm closing because her husband had died and she did not want to lose her farm.

“I’m not worried at all, he’s not going to want to leave.

It’s all in the past, he was a big family man,” she told The Saturday Telegraph.

Mr MacArthur was also known for owning farms in the Pilbara region of New South Wales, but in recent years he said the market was “in a very good place”.

He was also a major landowner in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Carol and William McArthur, pictured in 2002.

But while the McArthurs did not have any cows or sheep, they had a lot in the land, and had built a cattle and poultry farm in the same location.

The farm has since been sold.

“If you go to the farm, you’ll see there’s a large cattle pen, and it’s a nice area, there’s plenty of grazing land,” Mrs McArthur said.

The land is part of the farm estate, with the McAroys owning a property in the vicinity.

“The cows, the cattle here, are all on a farm that they own, they just buy a lot more land,” Ms McArthur explained.

“You don’t have to live on it, but it’s there, you can enjoy it.”

Carol and her father, William McAvoys, were also involved in the construction and sale of the former Glen Gipsy Lake dairy in the early 1970s.

The site is now used by the local community as a place to spend time and visit.

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