How much does a farm state farm rebate cost?

Posted November 03, 2018 07:29:40 A farm state rebate can be a big money-spinner for some farmers and even some small businesses.

But the most common rebate offered by the Australian Agriculture and Water Resources Agency (AAWRRA) for farmers and small businesses can cost thousands of dollars.

“The rebate is for the whole state or territory and not just a state or a territory,” said John Young, the AAWRRA’s director of government affairs.

“There’s also a rebate for each business within a state.”

What does it cost?

The AAWRRCA will issue a farm rebate if the business has gross income of $30,000 or less and the farm owner or manager makes more than $10,000 of profit.

“You can’t be more than a million dollars from gross income and you can’t make more than 5 per cent of your gross income,” Mr Young said.

“If you make $10 million from farming, then that would be the maximum you can make, but if you make less than that you’re not eligible.”

The AAARRRA has put forward a few farm rebates to small businesses and farmers.

For example, it has put a rebate on a property for a small business owner in Victoria.

“They’ll get the same rebate as if they’re in a business of 500 or 1,000 employees,” Mr Younger said.

But it’s important to note that the rebate will only apply if the farm is part of a farm farm.

If the business is not part of that business, the rebate can apply to the business as well as the owner or management.

The AAARRCA is also offering a rebate to small business owners who want to apply for a rebate at their own farm.

“A small business can apply for the rebate through the [AAARRCa] website, or they can apply through the Australian Small Business Council,” Mr Fuller said.

You can also apply directly to the farm through the AAWRRA.

Mr Fuller said small businesses had been asked to apply by the AAARRL for a few months ago, but they were still waiting for a response.

“I think the main thing for people is to just make sure they’ve got a reasonable amount of money coming into the business,” he said.

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