Why did a farmer in Scotland say he was going to get the police involved in his case?

A farmer in Glasgow has gone to court to challenge the police’s handling of his case after he claimed he had been unfairly targeted.

A former police officer was given a three-year suspension from duty over the case and Mr Blain has launched a legal action against the force.

The case is expected to be heard in the High Court in Edinburgh on April 17.

The 43-year-old farmer, who has not been named, claims that he was forced to work in the field for six days in August last year when he was out on the farm, which is on the banks of the Tyne.

In a statement, he said: “In the face of this, I was repeatedly abused and humiliated by a man who was the sole supervisor for the farm and he has used my family name and that of my children as a way to attack me and get a job.”

This behaviour is not acceptable in Scotland and I will continue to fight for justice.

Mr Blain said the officers involved were given “a pass” and were “allowed to act as if they are just looking out for the welfare of the people they work with”. “

I have a job to do and I have to make a living,” he said.

Mr Blain said the officers involved were given “a pass” and were “allowed to act as if they are just looking out for the welfare of the people they work with”.

“It was the police who took the action they did,” he added.

The farm has a large number of cattle and sheep, and Mr Flannigan said he felt like his family and friends were being targeted by the police.

He added: “I am not going to stand by and allow this to happen.

It’s not right.”

The force said it is investigating Mr Blaine’s complaint.

A spokeswoman said: “This matter is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office and a full review will be carried out by the force’s independent investigations team.”

Police Scotland said officers involved in the case have been offered the opportunity to be suspended, with the opportunity of being referred to the Crown Prosecution Service.

However, the force added: This matter has been dealt with at the appropriate time and this has not yet been considered as an option.

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