Farm refund, family farm and kids menu: Blackberry Farm menu on the go, new menu items and farm refunds

The Blackberry farm is one of the most popular family farms in Australia, and the new family menu is here to make the trip a little more memorable.

The menu includes an all-you-can-eat dinner option, along with an extensive list of new family-friendly options including a fresh baked bread, fresh produce, frozen vegetables, fresh dairy, meat and fish and dairy-free options.

The Blackberry family farm, a family-run farm located in Western Sydney, was established in 1897 and has a very distinctive history.

The farm’s name, the Blackberry, derives from the fact that the area was once called the Black Valley, which was known for its wild blueberry bush.

Blackberry farm owner Mark Blackberry has been at the farm for more than 80 years.

He said the new menu was designed to provide a more personalised experience for families, as well as a little extra fun for all.

“The new menu gives a family a little bit of a break from the grind and the stress of the day,” he said.

“It’s been a family farm since the 1890s and we’ve enjoyed a lot of time on the farm, but it’s also a little adventure to do.”

So, we thought we’d create something different.

“Mark Blackberry said he was thrilled to see his menu be included on the Blackberries’ website.”

We’ve always tried to provide the freshest ingredients and most local products,” he explained.”

People have asked us for the menu for years and we haven’t had any issues.

“The Blackberries website features a new menu option for families with two children and children under two.

Mr Blackberry suggested that families interested in visiting the farm should also visit the family farm’s “Dinner for Two” events on weekends.”

They have great cooking and we have some of the fresher vegetables we can get in the bush,” he added.”

If you’re a family of two, you can have a great time.


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