How to order an ant farm burger from a local farmer

Farm burgers are not the only thing you can get at the Ant Farm Burger in Ottawa.

The Ant Farm also sells a wide variety of other farm items.

(Dylan Dickson/CBC) The Ant farm burger is a local farm burger that’s been a staple in the Ottawa area for years.

But, there’s more to the farm burger than the meat.

The burgers are a popular local dish, which can also be found in other local restaurants.

The burger features a beef patty topped with smoked bison meat, pulled pork and a side of cheese.

And it comes with some special sauce.

The meat patty is cooked on the farm, and the bison is pulled off the ranch.

The cheese comes from local farms, and has a slight sweetness.

The side is a mix of ground beef, pork and pulled pork.

It’s served with a pickle, mustard and pickle relish.

The farm burger also has a sauce that has a bit of a kick to it.

The menu has a few different types of meat, from pork chops to beef chuck.

They also have chicken, turkey and turkey leg, with the chicken being the most popular.

The bison burger is the mainstay of the Ant farm.

(Darren Calabrese/CBC ) A few of the farm burgers have special sauces, like the smoked bisons.

(David Hodge/CBC/CBC News) The farm burgers come in a variety of sizes.

For a smaller burger, there are two sizes, a small and a large.

And they’re sold at a variety locations.

There are also special sauces available.

One of the best sauces in the Ant is called the “Bison” sauce.

It comes with bison fat and a little bit of mustard.

The bun has been made to look like the bisons head.

And the cheese is pulled from a special farm.

It also comes with a little mustard relish and a pickled pickle.

You can pick up a variety flavors like ranch, grilled, barbecue, bison and more.

(Benjamin Rochat/CBC NEWS) The bienville burger is also a staple of the restaurant.

This is the traditional burger served on the Ants farm.

The bacon comes from a farm in Quebec, and it’s grilled on the ranch in the restaurant, making it a little healthier than the typical bienvilles.

And you can add cheese to the bienvilas.

It adds a little tang to the sandwich, and a lot of flavor.

You don’t need a special sauce, and you can order it plain.

The price range is between $4.75 to $8.

The chicken burgers are also a good option, as are the beef burgers.

The beef burgers are made to be eaten on the fly.

The meats are pulled from the farm in the kitchen.

The onions and lettuce are peeled, and cooked on a spit.

Then they’re cooked on high heat, making the meat tender.

The patty and the sauce are cooked on top of the meat, and served on a bun.

(The Ant farm restaurant) The burger comes with bacon and onions.

And there are many different sauces, and special sauces are available.

The BBQ sauce is a favorite.

(Alicia MacLeod/CBC news) The chicken burger comes in three sizes.

The smaller size comes with two kinds of chicken, grilled and braised.

The larger size is topped with the tender breast of chicken.

The sauce comes with onions and tomatoes.

The other side of the chicken comes with pulled pork, pickled onions and pickled carrots.

There’s also a special barbecue sauce, which has a little kick to the burger.

And, you can also add a little barbecue sauce to the meat to make it extra barbecue.

The restaurant also offers a few special sauces.

One is called “The Ant’s BBQ Sauce,” which is a combination of the smoked and bison barbecue.

It makes the burger a little more flavorful.

The “Ant’s BBQ” sauce is also popular.

It can be made to taste like the beef.

And because of its flavor, it’s a favorite with people.

The sauces can also come in plain and with a cheese sauce.

(Michael Wiebe/CBC / CBC News) But the best sauce is the “The Original BBQ Sauce.”

The sauce is from a ranch farm in Ottawa, which is the reason why it’s so popular with the Ant’s employees.

And this is a great sauce to add to a burger, since it adds a bit more flavor and makes it more tender.

There is also mustard, pickle and pickling relish available.

(Giancarlo Ruggiero/CBCNews) The ranch burger is another popular burger, and one that’s not served on any of the other farm burgers.

It is a regular burger on the main menu, but can be ordered on the go with a side.

The ranch burgers come with two different kinds of beef

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