Farmers to sell farm table to Walmart: Farmers, Walmart

The farmers and retailers who have traditionally dominated the food-service business are shifting toward Walmart’s growing array of grocery products, including organic and low-fat dairy products.

The move comes as Walmart seeks to shift from the food business to other business sectors, including its medical-device business, according to people familiar with the matter.

The retail giant has been increasingly focused on its grocery business, including through acquisitions, and in the latest acquisition of Whole Foods, Walmart said it has purchased organic produce from a number of farmers.

But the farm table is a major category of food and agriculture that is typically the most expensive and least accessible for consumers, and it could provide Walmart a new competitive advantage over other grocery companies. 

Farmers, for example, have been moving into the market for organic and lower-fat milk products for decades.

In recent years, organic farmers have also been moving to smaller farms, like the one that makes the farm-to-table dinner table, with a focus on sustainability and sustainability-oriented operations.

“We’ve been growing organic for a long time, but we’ve never had a large farm that has a focus,” said Greg Epps, the vice president of the Organic Farmers of America, a group that represents about 3,500 farmers.

“We don’t have a large number of organic farms, but there are many small farms that are focused on sustainability.”

Walmart has been trying to grow its own organic milk supply and has opened several dairy farms to sell its milk products, the people said.

It also plans to sell dairy products from its new Whole Foods stores, and plans to start a new business, selling its own frozen foods, next year.

Walmart is also looking to diversify its food offerings, including adding a full-service grocery store in downtown Chicago.

But it also is moving toward the food service sector, the biggest segment of Walmart’s business.

Walmart has been spending a lot of time and money expanding its food service operations.

The company recently announced it will open a grocery store near the home of its founder, Sam Walton, and said it is adding more than 1,000 new full-time positions in its food and grocery business.

 The company has already been working with some of the biggest players in the food industry to create new products.

Last month, it hired the former CEO of Whole Fresh Foods, Steve Burke, to serve as the new executive vice president and chief operating officer of Walmart. 

Walmart said that as part of its plans to diversified into food service, the company will also be opening a full retail store in Chicago, a decision that is expected to be announced this year.

In addition, the grocery chain is also moving forward with plans to open a Whole Foods-branded food truck in a downtown Chicago location.

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