Which farm has the best strawberry in Ireland?

The strawberry farm in Cumberland, Co Donegal, is the home of Maggie’s Strawberry Farm, which also has the country’s biggest strawberry farm.

The strawberry fields are planted with 3,500 to 5,000 berries.

The strawberries are grown in a beautiful landscape, with the fields surrounding a meadow.

The fields are dotted with small trees that are also used as a nursery.

The farm is managed by the family-run Middegan Farmers, and is managed for the benefit of its members, who are also responsible for their land.

The strawberry farm has been in operation since 1772 and is owned by Maggie’s sister, Emma, and her husband, Gary.

The land was bought from a landowner who wanted to turn it into a strawberry farm, and Emma bought the farm land in 1859.

The land was also bought from an absentee landlord in 1869, and by 1891 it had been bought by a land trust, and the trust continued to operate the farm until its purchase by the Middesgan farmers in 2001.

The Strawberry Farm was named in honour of the late Mrs Maggie’s daughter, who was born on the farm in 1772.

In 2011, the Midshipmen’s Club of Ireland awarded a Certificate of Recognition to Maggie’s strawberry farm for its continued contributions to the island.

In 2013, it was awarded a National Trust Trust Award for the outstanding contribution to agriculture in the region, and it is the largest strawberry farm on the island of Ireland.

A large portion of the strawberry crop is grown in the meadows surrounding the strawberry farm and a variety of berries is also grown on the land.

In a bid to encourage the harvesting of the fruit, the farm is owned and managed by an association of people from different backgrounds.

A number of members are also involved in other projects, such as the National Lottery, which is supported by the local community.

It is believed that the strawberry farmers have a positive impact on the community by promoting tourism and providing jobs to local people.

The Midderegan Farm has a unique way of harvesting the fruit which is very environmentally friendly.

The berries are picked before they are sent to the storage facility, where they are stored in plastic bags for the next few weeks before being packaged for export.

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