What is a millennial farmer?

What is the millennial farmer in the 21st century?

It’s a title we don’t often give to a person who has grown up in a rural community, but this article is about one man, Mikey, a farmer in Texas who grew up in the Lone Star State.

Mikey, who identifies as a millennial, was born in Houston, Texas in 1989. 

Mikey grew up a big fan of farming, growing corn and soybeans on his family’s land.

His dad was an oil rig worker and his mother was a homemaker. 

“My dad was a real good farmer, he was a good mechanic, he made me want to be a farmer,” said Mikey. 

“He had this idea that I want to grow vegetables and make something that would be useful for people, and that’s when I started.”

Growing up, Mikeys mother taught him how to farm and how to use tools.

“She taught me to be able to put things in the ground and use them, and she really taught me how to take care of the land,” he said.

After college, Mikeymos family moved to Texas, where he started growing soybeans for a living.

In the fall of 2010, Mikeyd was asked to help his family farm their soybean crop. 

Mikey said he knew he wanted to grow food because he saw so many farmers around the state.

“I saw lots of people with soybeans and they didn’t grow anything,” he recalled.

“So I was like, ‘Well, I’ll start a farm.'”

Mikey and his family began harvesting soybeans from their own land. 

The next year, he started selling his produce on the farm to help support his family. 

He told me about the joy of growing food and how he didn’t want to miss a moment of it.

 “I’ve never been on a farm before,” said Michael.

“It’s hard work and the things you grow, you don’t always see.

You don’t get to enjoy it.

I was excited about it, but I was nervous.”

Growing a crop was a lot of work for Mikey because he couldn’t use a tractor and needed a lot more work than he needed.

Mikeyd said he wanted his family to be financially secure, so he started looking for ways to finance his farm.

He said he found out he could make a lot money by selling his soybeans to farmers in the city.

“A lot of the farmers in my neighborhood, they were like, we’re going to take our soybeans, and they’re going for six-figures and a six-figure market,” he told me. 

In 2010, he got an offer from a farmer for a small piece of soybeans he could sell to the grocery store.

The farmer was willing to sell for $10 per acre, and Mikey said the sale made him feel like he was getting a good return on his investment. 

So he started buying more and more soybeans. 

A few years later, Mikeyo started buying soybeans again.

As he grows the beans, Mikeyon grows a little nervous about what will happen to the soybeans next year. 

At this point, the farmer is going to sell them to the supermarket, but he wants to have a little more money to help him support his wife and his young family.

“So I’m really excited about that, and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make that happen, but it’s going to be really hard,” said Mikeyo.

“I’m not going to let the fact that I’ve grown this much soybeans go to waste.”

He says his soybean operation has grown over the past five years, growing more than 7,000 acres of soybean to sell at a profit. 

 “It’s not that I can’t sell them anymore, it’s just that they’re just a little bigger than they used to be,” he explained.

Michele, who was also asked to sell the soybean crops, said that she and her husband are making more money than they ever have.

“We are making a little bit more, we are not making any more,” said Michele. 

When the weather gets nice, Mikeyns wife, Nicole, will take over the farm.

“Theres a lot going on in this world right now, and we need to take a little time to just enjoy the ride and enjoy our little family,” she said. 

What does Mikey think of the future of farming?

“I really hope the next couple of years will be really good,” he answered. 

It’s been a long journey for Mikeyo, but now that he has a little extra cash to play with, he is looking forward to growing more soybean next year and selling some of his soy beans. 

More stories like this will be shared as the world moves into the 21

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