‘The Real John Smith’s Farm’ Reveals How A Farmer Became A Hero In An Iconic Saga

John Smith was the face of the farm and dairy industry for the past 40 years, as he and his family managed a family farm in western New York State.

But as a farmer, he became the face behind the curtain of American agriculture, and his farm was a symbol of American industry for many years.

In his new memoir, The Real John, the author reveals how he took the business and the culture of the dairy industry and turned them into a national brand.

His story is the first to tell how a farmer in rural America became a legend, inspiring the American story and the world.

In an excerpt from the book, which is available for pre-order now, Smith recounts how he and John, who died in 2014, opened their dairy farm, John’s Dairy, to sell his milk to dairy farmers in the area.

Smith also describes the farm’s beginnings and how it changed over the years.

He tells the story of how his father, a farmhand and dairy farmer who was working on the farm when he heard about the milk shortage, brought him a copy of a book by the legendary dairy farmer John Henry Newman, The Great Milk Run.

The book is the story, he says, of how Newman and other dairy farmers went to great lengths to help feed the people in their communities.

Newman, who had grown up in nearby East Brunswick, N.J., opened his first dairy farm in 1891, according to the book.

By the 1890s, Newman’s family had grown into a family business, and Newman sold his land and opened the first dairy in the state.

The farm became a national icon and was named in honor of Newman’s daughter, Mary, who later became a star in the movie The Great Escape.

But the real John Smith and the other farmers he helped turn into a household name were born in 1892, at a time when Newman was still a young farmer and dairy farmers weren’t really known for their farming skills.

Smith and his father went to school together and taught Newman’s kids a lot of hard lessons, including the importance of taking care of one another, Smith told the New York Times.

“I was never the best at it, but John was always a great teacher, and I loved him,” Smith told The Times.

The pair got married, and Smith worked in the family dairy barn until the age of 42, when he was promoted to a farmer.

In that role, he helped his family’s milk grow from about 500 gallons a year to nearly 1,000 gallons.

Smith then became the first man in the United States to sell 100,000 pounds of milk a year, according a 2009 biography by Robert W. Campbell.

He and his wife, Rosemary, had a daughter, Susan, and two sons, Mark and Tom.

The family moved to a small dairy farm on the Hudson River near Syracuse in 1902, but the family soon moved to the farm where Smith worked.

The Smiths bought a larger, better-maintained dairy farm called John Henry Smith’s, and in 1907, they started to milk the city of Syracuse.

The first milk sales at the new dairy, located at 100 S. Franklin St., took place on October 2, 1907, and it was the first time that a family owned a business.

Smith later became the president of the American Dairy Association, and he was an advocate for the milk industry, telling reporters that his family “had a great dairy” and “a great herd of cows.”

After the sale, the Smiths moved to an additional 50 acres and eventually expanded to a total of 200 acres.

Smith’s son, John, was elected to the New Jersey Assembly in 1931 and served until 1983.

He later moved on to the governor’s mansion in Trenton.

Smith retired in 1987, and then died in 2006 at the age

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