Faced with the worst drought in decades, Gillibrand, Biden say they won’t go away

By BRIAN MELVILLEA former president of the World Bank, former Democratic vice presidential candidate, former senator from New York, and one of the most powerful women in American politics has said that she and other Democratic leaders have no plans to leave Washington to work on climate change.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, former vice president Joe Biden said he and Hillary Clinton “have not been persuaded to do anything on climate” and that he hoped that the “Trump era” would be one of “courage and perseverance”.

Biden, who will officially retire at the end of his term in 2021, also said he did not believe that climate change was the root of global warming and that his view was shared by many experts, including those from the World Resources Institute (WRI), a Washington-based think tank.

“We are not going to be deterred from doing what we do best,” Biden told the Times.

“The best way to fight climate change is not to take it out on the rest of the world, but to do it on our own.”

Biden’s comments came in response to an interview with the Times that the former president had given to the paper.

In the interview, he said that he and other members of the Democratic leadership were not going anywhere but that he did hope that the Trump era would be “one of courage and persevering”.

“I hope that Trump will be the one to bring the country together on climate,” he said.

“I think we are in good hands there.

We are not in bad hands.”BIDEN TO TAKE ON COVID-19 AND COVERT ACTIONS: ‘We Are Not Going Away’Biden has also been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, who is in office until 2021.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Biden said that the current administration had “been a bit too aggressive” in dealing with the outbreak of the virus in the US.

“What I hope is that [Trump] takes out the [emergency order] and puts a moratorium on it, but I think it’s going to take some courage and some perseverance to put it in place,” he told host Chris Wallace.

“If it’s too much to ask to be quiet about something that’s been going on, then we’re not going away.”

Asked about Trump’s plans for addressing the epidemic, Biden told Wallace: “We are going to do everything that we can to fight this, and I believe that this will be a significant part of the fight, and the fight will be not just for our health and well-being but also the fight for the survival of this planet.”

So that’s my hope.”BENJAMIN BIDEN’S DECISION ON COVEAS PRESIDENT: ‘I WILL NOT BE HANDLED’BIDENS DECISION TO TAUNT COVID: ‘THE BEST WAY TO FIGHT COVID IS NOT TO TAOURE’BUSH TO TAVERNS TRUMP: ‘BIDIANS DEBATE IS OVER’BILD ON THE COVEA: ‘DON’T FALL FOR IT’BURLINGTON, VIRGINIA–(Reuters: David Becker)President Donald Trump speaks during a White House news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., December 10, 2020.


– FEBRUARY 07: Democratic vice president and former US senator Joe Biden speaks during an interview about climate change with reporters during a dinner hosted by the Virginia Center for Environmental Law and Policy (VCELP) at the Washington Hilton Hotel on February 7, 2021 in Beverly, Virginia.

President Donald J. Trump is attending a climate summit in the United Kingdom with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Theresa May, and European Union leaders.

The White House said that Biden is going to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December.

Biden is also scheduled to deliver remarks at a town hall meeting at the Whitehouse on March 17, 2021.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)BIDDEN TO TAVE A STAND: ‘IT’S MY LIFE’BINN’S CALL TO VOTE ON ‘RUN FOR THE DOWNTIME’In a speech on Saturday to the American Bar Association’s annual convention in San Francisco, Biden made a call for Democrats to “run for the Downdime” and not give up on the fight against climate change, saying that climate was the “single greatest threat facing the American people”.”

The Democrats should not allow themselves to be bullied by a partisan, selfish, and out-of-touch president, but instead embrace a simple message: It’s our time.

It’s time to stand up for America, our planet, our families,

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