Roloff Farm: How a tree farm has saved a rural town

The story of Roloffs farm in central New York State is an unlikely tale of perseverance, and resilience, and a community that has thrived thanks to the dedication of their members.

The RolOff Farm is located in the town of Woodstock, New York. 

The RolOFF Farm was built in the early 1970s as a tree house.

It has been home to a number of members over the years, including former President Jimmy Carter and actor Mark Ruffalo. 

In 1983, the RolOFs founding father, Richard Rolovas wife, Kathleen, died.

She left a son, Brian, who would go on to found the Rols own farm and operate it for nearly 50 years. 

The farm was renamed the ROLOFF Farm in 1996, and is still operated by the Roles family today. 

“We are a small family operation, so our members are able to live off the land, with our own water and electricity, as well as the farm we love,” said Rolof founder Richard Rovas in a press release.

“We can’t imagine living without the help of our members, who have made it their own.” 

A tree farm is a structure designed to provide shade, light, and privacy to a small area.

The structure can be designed to be either a tent or a tree stump. 

Each member of the Role family has had a role on the farm, and they’ve helped each other with their farm.

“We want to share our experience with our neighbors, but also share the farm,” said Kathleen Rolowitz, who is the president of the group. 

When the farm opened, members had to make their own tree stumps. 

There were several ways to make a tree: a tree stump could be cut down and cut into branches, a trampoline could be built, or they could use a mason jar to build a wooden structure. 

Brian Rolowos father, Michael, used the mason jars and built his own tree. 

This was the first time members of the family had to build their own structure on their own. 

Michael said that he knew the Rovols family and the members would make it a success. 

As the Rolicos family grew, so did the tree farm. 

 “The people of Woodbury, New Hampshire, have always cared for each other,” said Brian Rolowsky. 

Now, members of Roles own family have grown to include their own daughter, Karen, and grandchildren, Brandon and Ryan. 

Roloff family members have made many contributions to the community, including donating money to various charities and local charities. 

Today, Roles tree farm still provides a place for members to relax and eat their favorite meal: “I know that we all have our roots here, and we can be part of a big family,” said Karen Rolos father.

“Our family has given so much to the area, and I think that everyone in the community has a part to play in helping our family grow.”

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