When the farmer’s pet was killed by an alien ant farm

The farmer’s animal has been left to die in a field in the far north of Ireland for nearly two weeks.

The farmer is a man who lives on a small island in the country, and he has just had his dog, Maggie’s, killed by the tiny insect, known as an ‘alien ant’.

The farmer has contacted gardaí and he and his wife Maggie are now seeking legal advice, but this is not an isolated incident.

A recent investigation by The Irish Times has found a number of other cases of farm animals being killed by ‘alien ants’ that have not been properly recorded.

In the case of Maggie’s dog Maggie, the animal was killed on September 25th, by an ‘unknown alien ant’.

‘She was quite a heavy dog.

She had a lot of blood on her, and I saw that she had had an injury in her leg,’ explained Paul, who lives nearby and works in the field.

‘She had some cuts and scratches on her legs and a big cut on her head.

‘I took her to a vet, and they found some blood on the dog’s face.

It was all black.’

It is believed that the alien ant used Maggie’s body to dig its way into the soil and into the ground.

‘Maggie had been a very active dog.

The way she went into the garden, she was always moving around.

She was really active.

‘When we were out there she was barking and trying to get the ants off, but it’s very difficult.

The soil is really wet and she has died.’

In the end, Paul had to wait until the animal’s death was recorded by garda officers to bury Maggie’s remains.

‘There were several times where I saw her, so it was very difficult to bury her, but at the end I got to bury it,’ he said.

‘It was very upsetting.

She would have wanted to get out of the field before she was killed.

I know she was a very, very happy dog.

‘We’ve had many dogs like that come through the farm.

It is just very, quite shocking.

She’d be happy to go back and play with her family and friends again, but she wouldn’t want to come out of that field now.’

Maggie’s death is not the first time an animal has died in the farm area of Rathmines, Co Kerry.

In 2012, a farmer was bitten by a ‘unknown ant’ on his property.

The incident has not been recorded by the garda’s report, but Paul told The Irish Sun: ‘She died in my arms.

I was holding her in my hands, and she was dead.

‘My wife is in charge of my dog, and it was her job to take care of her.

It just doesn’t happen very often.

‘In the case I have just seen of Maggie, it is a case where the farmer was not properly registered.

‘He was registered, but he didn’t actually have a permit to be in the area.

He didn’t have the proper registration, and so he just left her to die.’

The farmer, who has not yet been identified, told The Times that he is hoping to get a permit for him to be able to legally hunt the ‘alien insect’.

The Irish Farmers Federation has previously reported that the country has one of the worst records in the world for the illegal killing of farm animal.

The country has recorded 2,096 cases of farmer animals being found dead since 2000, according to the Irish Farmers Union.

According to the union, this is a record low number, with only 979 deaths recorded in 2014.

‘Farmers have always had a duty to be responsible for their animals and to take proper care of them.

The garda investigation shows that this has not always been the case.

‘Gardaí should have registered the farm, which they did, but in the meantime, this tragic incident has been ignored and the farmers continue to be left to suffer,’ said Alan Bhatt, chairman of the Irish Agricultural Workers’ Federation.

‘The garda are in the wrong, and in the interests of protecting animals, they need to be more vigilant in their patrols and more stringent in their enforcement of the rules.’

The Irish Farmer’s Federation, which represents farmers in the Irish countryside, said that the organisation has been contacted by other farmers, but would not be commenting further.

In 2015, it was reported that there were nearly 20,000 farm animals left in Ireland that were illegally killed, with many of these animals dying in ‘humane’ ways.

The Irish Independent reported that over 40,000 animals were killed illegally in 2016, up from around 9,000 in 2014, and the number of ‘abusive and illegal’ practices was rising.

In March, the Irish government issued a public safety warning, urging farmers to be ‘careful with animals’ and to ‘

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