What’s new in FIFA 17

FUT 17 is out this week, but the FIFA 17 simulator has been updated to a much more realistic experience and is now the first-person football game in the world to allow you to build a farm. 

This is a great addition for those of you that enjoy building their own farm, and it also gives you access to some cool new features like a new team system and a new weather system that let you tweak the weather and the player model. 

FIFA 17 is now also free for players and fans to download and play, so you can start a farm or create a team.FIFA 19 also has a free update to update its own simulator to a more realistic setting, but you’ll need to pay to download it.

The simulator is still available on the PlayStation Store. 

If you’re not a FIFA fan, you’ll also be happy to know that the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Mobile have been updated as well.

The latter is a FIFA game that you can play in-browser, so this will be great for people who don’t want to download the full game and use the gamepad. 

You can also download the FIFA app and take advantage of the new online features that the new game provides. 

Here’s how to download FIFA 17 on iOS and Android:  Download the free FIFA 17 update for iOS and sign up for a free FIFA account. 

Go to Settings > Accounts > Update & Security > Download and install the update. 

After the update, you can sign in to the game using your existing account.

Once the update is complete, you should see the new FIFA app icon. 

Tap the icon to launch the app and begin playing. 

When you first launch the game, you’re prompted to sign in with your existing FIFA account, but if you’re a new user, you won’t be able to sign into the app until you sign in again with the same account.

The update to the simulator will also make it possible to play the game offline.

You’ll need the FIFA Mobile app to access offline multiplayer, but there’s no need to worry as you can get your friends to join. 

While the simulator is now available to download for free, there’s still no way to purchase it in-game.

You can still download the app to unlock the features, but it will cost you $7.99, which is much cheaper than the $10.99 you’d pay to purchase the game in-store. 

For more information on FIFA 17 and other upcoming FIFA titles, check out our in-depth guide. 

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