Which teams are still in contention for the 2019 NFL draft?

The NFL draft is set to start this weekend, and if the league is looking to add some depth to its depth chart, one of the teams that could potentially benefit from adding an extra draft pick is the Dallas Cowboys.

While the Cowboys may have the most needs on their roster right now, the team could use an extra first-round pick to address other needs that have been reported over the years.

Here are some of the potential additions that could come in the next round of the draft:New Orleans Saints:The Saints have a lot of needs, and they could use another first-rounder to help fill those needs.

The Saints have been struggling to find a quarterback, but they could look to add another quarterback to their depth chart.

The team could also look to sign an offensive lineman to add more depth to their offensive line.

The New Orleans Saints could also add a receiver to their offense to help alleviate some of their quarterback problems.

It is possible that the Saints could take on one of those quarterbacks and a wide receiver to make a play for a quarterback.

The wide receiver could be a wideout, as there are a lot more wide receivers in the league now than there were a year ago.

The Saints could look at bringing in a quarterback and a receiver and potentially use one of these two to help out with some of these other needs.

New Orleans could also make a move to add a defensive lineman to help with some the other needs of their defense.

The Falcons are reportedly interested in adding a cornerback and an offensive tackle to help their defense, but the Falcons have not made any moves to add any players at the position.

San Francisco 49ers:The 49ers have a great need at wide receiver and the team has not done a great job of filling that need.

The 49ers are currently the only team that has not had a first- round pick since 2010, and the 49ers could look into adding a wide receiving option to help the team fill that need this year.

The 49, however, could also use a first round pick to help bolster their offensive front seven.

The San Francisco 49er secondary is one of, if not the, most solid units in the NFL.

The defense has a great pass rush, and that should be a huge help for the team this year in order to make some plays.

The San Francisco Niners could use a wide receivers target to help shore up their offensive attack this year, especially if they are able to add an offensive line to help protect Kaepernick.

The Niners would also use their second-round selection on a cornerback to help replace the recent departure of Tramaine Brock, but there are still a lot holes in the defense.

The Philadelphia Eagles:The Eagles could use some help at quarterback this year and could use the second round to add help at wideout.

The Eagles could look for a receiver that can help fill some of those needs and could also consider adding an offensive guard or center to help provide some stability to the offensive line and the defensive line.

The Washington Redskins could also benefit from another offensive lineman if they do decide to make an offensive move.

The Washington Redskins would benefit from the addition of a quarterback to help ease some of this season’s woes.

Washington is currently the most-despised team in the NFC East and the Redskins are currently struggling to win games.

The team could add an additional quarterback and offensive tackle in order give the Redskins some more depth in their offensive ranks, which could help them win some games this season.

The Indianapolis Colts:The Colts could use help at receiver and offensive line in order keep their offense on track.

The Colts have had a lot to do with that problem this year because they are one of just five teams in the AFC to not have a first overall pick since 2012.

If the Colts could add some help to their passing attack, they would be able to make more plays this season in order for their defense to be able help the Colts out this year as well.

The Colts might also look into signing an offensive linemen to add depth at offensive line for their defensive line this year to help give the Colts a bit more of a chance at some success.

The Buffalo Bills could use additional help at defensive tackle this year for Buffalo to have a better chance of making some plays against teams like the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns.

The Miami Dolphins could use offensive linemen in order help out their defense in some of its biggest games this year by having an offensive back and defensive back.

Miami could also bring in a defensive end to help boost its pass rush.

The Detroit Lions could also find a safety to help improve their defensive secondary.

The New Orleans Rams could also target another defensive lineman in order make some adjustments to their defensive scheme this year if they decide to move forward with the move of offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.

The Kansas City Chiefs could use extra help at cornerback and safety in order fill some needs that the Kansas City team has

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