How to make the most of the strawberries in North Shore Farm

North Shore Farms in the south coast town of Whitsunday has become one of the biggest strawberries producers in New Zealand, and it is all about harvesting the finest strawberries in the world.

With the number of strawberry farms increasing every year, many people have turned to North Shore for the freshest strawberries in New Zeland.

So what is it like to be a farmer on the North Shore?

“It is a very hard job, it is a tough job,” farmer Tony Dank told Stuff.

“You have to do it with great care, to ensure you get the best strawberries.

You need to get them in the best conditions and you need to work really hard, but the best job in the whole world is still a farm.”

Here are some of the things you need in order to get your strawberries to the North Sea.

Key points: The South Shore strawberries have become a major player in New England strawberry production and it’s not easy to find strawberries There are only seven North Shore farms in New South Wales, which makes finding strawberries there difficult The South Coast strawberries produce about 400 tonnes of strawberries a year, with the most popular producing areas being on the south side of the river, north of the Hunter Valley.

The strawberries are shipped to farms in Victoria, South Australia and the ACT, and then to North Island growers in Victoria.

But while there are many other options available to farmers on the South Coast, North Shore has been one of their most successful.

They say they produce about 500 tonnes of berries a year and the biggest strawberry producer in New Zeeland is the North Coast strawberries.

“There are about 500 growers on the river and the north coast of New South Welsh, but we’re the biggest,” farmer Kevin O’Neill said.

“That’s because we’re a little bit further up and there’s a little more room, but they’re a very important part of the North Island strawberry crop.”

The North Shore strawberries are also sold in other countries.

But the South Shore berries are not only the biggest producers in the country, but also in New York and California.

“I’m sure it’s very tough on the growers, but that’s where we come from,” Mr O’Neil said.

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