Happy Day Farm: A farm with more than 200 animals in its care

Happy Day Farms is a farm with over 200 animals that is located in the town of Londonderry, Co Cork, Ireland.

They are a family owned business that specialise in breeding and raising pigs for their local market.

The farm was founded by former cattle farmer and farmer’s friend Patrice O’Sullivan, who now runs the farm.

“We’ve been breeding cattle for many years and this was our first time breeding cattle and it was a big hit,” Patrice said.

“Our first pig was a pig that was just four weeks old and we got the first pig in the market, a little bit under two weeks old.”

We got the whole family involved, including Patrice, our two daughters, a son and two granddaughters.

“The family has been working hard, so the farm has been doing really well and now we are able to raise the pigs for sale for the market.”

I have no idea why we have such a big fan following.

We have an amazing group of fans that come to the farm every day to see the animals, see the pigs and see what is going on.

Patrice says that he has spent years working with his family to produce pigs. “

Patrice and I have always wanted to do a farm, but we have never been able to do it,” Patric said.

Patrice says that he has spent years working with his family to produce pigs.

“The farm is very good and the farm is so beautiful, you can see it for miles,” Patrill said.

He said the family is very proud of the pigs.

Patric’s farm is one of the few in the area that has been certified organic.

Patry said that the pigs are not only happy but healthy and healthy and they are also fed organic grass.

“I can see why people would say they are organic,” Patri said.

In addition to the pigs, the farm also has a small cattle herd that has had a lot of work.

“It has taken a lot out of our cattle and their diets.

We do have a lot to do and it is just taking the right amount of time to get them to where they are at,” Patrice said.

The cows are very happy, Patrice added.

“They are really happy, they are enjoying it and they have been very happy,” Patries wife said.

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