What’s new in Sunflower Farm?

Sunflower Farms is the first commercial farm in the country to be licensed for greenhouse production, with the company hoping to make $2.5 million in revenue from its new facility.

The farm is located in rural northeast Oregon.

The property has been under contract since 2009, but it was a one-time deal.

The land was given to the farm in 2010 for the land purchase price.

The company will start operations this fall, opening the first greenhouse in the nation.

The company says the greenhouse is expected to produce 25,000 pounds of greenhouse vegetables annually, which is roughly a quarter of the amount of greenhouse produce the company is currently producing.

The greenhouse will be one of the first in the state.

Other locations in Oregon, California, Washington and Montana will begin producing greenhouse produce in the coming months.

Sunflower Farms will make the first sales in January 2019.

It will begin selling vegetables through a program called Sunflower Sales, which allows farmers to purchase their produce from Sunflower Gardens, the company’s greenhouse operations.

The first of Sunflower’s new greenhouse facilities will be located at the company location.

Sunflower will sell its produce in three stages, starting with vegetables and then fruits.

Sunbury Farms has been licensed for four years to produce greenhouse vegetables.

This is the company first foray into the greenhouse production space.

SunBursts, a subsidiary of Sunbursts, is the parent company of Sunburst Farms.

Sunbursts has grown its business from a few dozen farmers in 2014 to more than 800 farmers in 2018.

It currently has a large greenhouse operation in Bend, Oregon, and it will expand this year with an additional greenhouse facility in the area.

Sunburst Farms is looking for new revenue streams to expand its operations and grow its business.

The farm will likely be a large cash crop this year, but the company hopes to grow revenue and profit.

Sunnies Farms is another major player in the greenhouse space, which will be part of Sunnies’ new greenhouse operation.

Sunnis farms is a large and growing company, with operations in Portland, Salem, Portland and Salem.

Sunnis Farms has a greenhouse facility on its property in Portland.

The Sunnys’ greenhouse farm is the largest greenhouse operation on the Oregon landscape.

Sunis plants in Oregon will be purchased from Sunnows’ greenhouse.

Sunnises greenhouse farm will have approximately 6,000 acres of land, and the company expects to sell approximately 300,000 kilos of greenhouse product annually.

Sunrise Farms has expanded into the agricultural greenhouse space with its new operation, called Sunrise Gardens.

Sunrises greenhouse farm in Bend is the second of two Sunrises greenhouse facilities in the region.

The other facility is on the same property.

The facility will produce greenhouse produce on about 5,000-acre property.

Sunres greenhouse is the third of the two Sunres greenhouse facilities.

The new facility is located on a smaller farm in Salem.

Sunrees greenhouse is also a large facility with an estimated 5,800 acres of property.

Sunres is planning to expand this summer with an addition greenhouse on the property.

Development Is Supported By

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