‘This is a wakeup call’: North Shore farmer’s warning to Trump

Farmers are speaking out about their frustration with President Donald Trump, and some say they’re ready to take action.

North Shore farmers, who are concerned about rising prices for their products, are calling for Trump to do more to address their concerns.

Trump is already under pressure from farmers for not taking any more action to reduce the nation’s corn harvest.

And in a speech on the farm Friday, Trump warned farmers they may have to make tough decisions if they want to continue growing.

“The price of corn is going up at a record pace, and if we don’t act now, if we continue to let it continue to rise, we may have farmers that have to sell their corn and move to Mexico,” Trump said.

Trump’s comments echo comments he made in March during a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he said he would support farmers if they wanted to leave the country.

Farmers are already looking to the government for help.

Farmland Alliance, a group of nearly 1,000 farmers and ranchers, called on Trump to take the first steps to lower the nation`s corn harvest, which it estimates could rise to 50 million bushels by the end of 2019.

“If farmers don`t want to sell, they`ll go back to Mexico.

But we`ll find a way to do it in a way that doesn`t hurt the farmers,” said David Waddell, president of Farm Alliance.

“We`re looking for ways to lower corn prices, but that doesn�t mean we are going to be able to do this without federal help.”

The Trump administration has offered to increase crop insurance for farmers and their livestock, but not the corn price.

A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture declined to comment on whether the agency would be considering providing subsidies to farmers.

Farm owners are also frustrated with the federal government`s lack of action on the nation�s greenhouse gas emissions, which have risen at a faster rate than the nation overall.

“There`s a lot of fear out there that we have been put into a position where we have to either stay in a situation where we can not be able, or we have no choice but to move to other places to make up for what we have lost,” said Jim Anderson, executive director of the North Shore Farmers Association.

“And that is why we are working with farmers and other organizations to do what we can to help us and the environment.

That is what we`re doing.

It is what the President has been saying for a long time.”

But even if the country can reduce its carbon emissions, the country won`t be able keep pace with rising demand for the crop.

That would require farmers to grow more crops to meet demand, which would take years.

The White House said last week that the government was in the early stages of developing new crop insurance programs, but the goal is to have them ready to go by mid-century.

The administration also said in February that it would take action to ease restrictions on corn and soybean production and increase production in the second half of 2019, but it has not yet released its plan.

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