Malibu Farm & Fleet to close by mid-2018

Malibu Farms & Fleet, a chain of California farms, has announced plans to close their flagship Malibu farm store and store in Santa Clarita, California by the end of 2018.

The Malibu brand will also be shutting down its fleet of 4×4 vehicles in 2018, said owner Chris Sacca.

The chain, which operates at four locations across California, has been a mainstay of the foodie scene since the 1980s, and it now operates five stores in California.

Sacca, who has a background in food and beverage, said he and his family have been involved in the chain for 15 years.

He said Malibu was one of the first places they went to that offered a fresh local product and a healthy, organic, vegan lifestyle.

He said he believes it is the right thing to do, and that he wants to continue supporting the local community, which he says has become increasingly vocal about the impact of climate change on their community.

In the past decade, Malibu has seen a sharp rise in the number of fires and extreme weather events, and Sacca has taken on the role of the state’s emergency manager for the Los Angeles County region, overseeing wildfires and emergency response efforts.

Malibu is not the only business to shutter over climate change.

Many other large retail chains have also announced closures over the past few years, including Best Buy, Best Buy’s Home Goods and Home Depot.

The American Beverage Association has also said it will stop buying Coca-Cola beverages from the company, and has launched a campaign to urge consumers to switch to alternative beverages, such as water and tea.

The US Food and Drug Administration has also issued guidance on carbon dioxide emissions, and President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order on the issue, which called for an increase in the country’s carbon dioxide cap-and-trade program.

“Malibu has been at the forefront of sustainability for over a decade, and we’re glad that our community and its residents are so proud of Malibu,” Sacca said.

“We’re grateful to our customers for supporting our local businesses and we hope they continue to do so as we move forward.”

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