Apple, Aurora farms hit by data breach

Apple is in the middle of a data breach that affected a wide range of Apple products, but the company is struggling to figure out how to address the situation.

Apple is currently investigating reports of a cyberattack on Apple farms, but CEO Tim Cook has been saying that the breach is limited to one farm in California.

That farm was reportedly infected by a worm that was distributed through a botnet.

Apple said that the company was “currently investigating reports” of a “cyberattack on one Apple Farm” in California, but has not made a public statement about the breach.

The company has said that it is investigating a “limited, but very serious” cyberattack that affected the entire company in the US and around the world.

It has yet to specify a timeframe for when it will respond.

Apple has faced criticism from industry and privacy advocates in recent months for its failure to disclose the extent of the hack, particularly as Apple was embroiled in a legal battle with former FBI agent Christopher Parsons over whether it had to provide more information about the cyberattack.

The cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs wrote a post last week suggesting that Apple should have disclosed more information to help mitigate the potential damage to the company’s reputation.

“Apple could have been far more forthcoming about the data breach, and the cyberattacks that have ensued, and given the scale of the damage to Apple, could have addressed these problems,” Krebs told The New York Times.

Apple did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

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