The biggest little farm in the state

The biggest farm in North Dakota has been shut down after it was discovered that some strawberries were being grown on the property, according to a spokesperson for the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The state’s Department of Public Health said that two farms that were used to grow strawberries were notified of the problem.

The spokesperson said that the strawberries were shipped to other farms that use them and they are now being returned to the farms.

State Department of Health spokesperson John Richey told the Associated Press that the farms have been shuttered and no one has been arrested for any violations of the state’s strawberry law.

The strawberry farm in north Dakota was not the only one to be shut down by the Department of Environmental Health.

A strawberry farm was shut down in northern Minnesota after it came under scrutiny after a video was posted on YouTube.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, strawberry farmers were allowed to grow more than 100,000 strawberries in the area until September 1.

They were ordered to stop by the state after an inspector noticed the farm had been growing strawberries on a farm in northern Michigan.

State Farm spokesman Matt Schubert said the strawberry farm shut down for inspection is located in the city of Hennepin, about 30 miles north of Minneapolis.

The strawberries were sold to another farm in Michigan and the strawberries will be sold to the local market.

StateFarm told the AP that it’s not known when the strawberries might be sold.

State Agriculture Commissioner Jeff Reiner told the Minnesota Star Tribune that the strawberry farms shut down have been “not a problem in the past.”

The strawberry farms were not the first to face scrutiny over the past few months.

A local newspaper in Oregon had to close a strawberry farm after a YouTube video surfaced showing workers harvesting the fruit in the woods and cutting it into tiny pieces.

The Strawberry Farmers of America and the Oregon Strawberry Growers Association said that strawberry farms have not been allowed in Oregon since 2015.

They said the state is enforcing state law by allowing the strawberry farmers to grow the strawberries but only at licensed farm locations.

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