Kentucky’s “caught the recession”

Kentucky’s economy has finally turned around, and it has done so without the help of the federal government.

The state’s farm economy has increased by 12 percent over the past year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, while the rural economy has been hurt by the loss of about 6,000 jobs.

In the past two months, however, Kentucky has shed more than 3,000 farms.

The decline in rural farming is partly a result of the state’s decision to phase out its ethanol mandate in 2014.

In January, the Kentucky legislature voted to allow the state to phase back the mandate for two years, leaving Kentucky’s corn, soybean, cotton, and cottonseed crops in the black.

Kentucky’s transition to a biofuels-based economy has resulted in a surge in corn, a crop that relies heavily on a feedstock called corn ethanol.

Kentucky will get its first corn harvest of the year this week.

This year, Kentucky is expected to reap more than $100 million in additional ethanol taxes from the state, which is expected in return for its support of the ethanol mandate.

Kentucky, a state of roughly 4.6 million people, is the fifth-largest producer of corn in the country, according the U, the fifth most populous state.

It is also the largest producer of soybeans in the U., second only to Texas.

Kentucky is also an important export market for U.s., which have made the state one of their biggest export markets for corn.

Kentucky exports about 7 million metric tons of corn and about 3.5 million tons of soybean annually.

By contrast, Kentucky imports more than 40 percent of its corn, and soybean imports more from the United States than from Canada, India, or Mexico combined.

The Kentucky corn crop is also one of the country’s most important agricultural exports.

Kentucky crops account for about 60 percent of the nation’s corn imports, according a report from the American Association of Crop Insurance Administrators (AACCIA).

Kentucky farmers have been able to export corn to the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada for years thanks to the government’s ethanol mandate, which allows farmers to blend in their corn to meet federal fuel efficiency standards.

By the end of 2019, Kentucky’s ethanol mandates were fully phased out, but the state continued to make corn ethanol, which was supposed to replace the corn mandate and boost the economy.

Kentucky started the phase-out of its ethanol mandates last year, and a federal court ruling last month gave the state until June 30 to do so.

Kentucky has been a big proponent of biofuel-based energy, which it has been working to build into its own industry.

The first new biofueled fuel on Kentucky’s market was a new plant that the state plans to start selling next year, but a second plant has not been ready yet.

This is because Kentucky has a long way to go before it has enough capacity to produce enough ethanol to meet demand.

The federal government has said it needs to boost the amount of corn that it can produce before it can make it onto the national market, but it has said that it needs about 10 percent more corn to make it to the point where it can be sold in the marketplace.

As a result, Kentucky needs to continue pumping more corn into the air than it can harvest.

In an effort to get a corn harvest this year, the state has started planting corn-to-fuel plants that can produce about 80 percent of their corn supply from corn.

The new plants are part of a larger plan to increase the amount that farmers can grow and sell corn, according an Associated Press report.

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