What’s in the apple farm’s new ‘farm dog food’?

Apple farms in Kentucky and Tennessee are selling food and other products made with genetically modified ingredients.

The new product, the Farm Dog Food, has a new name: the Kentucky Farm Dog.

The product, which will be available for purchase at apple farms across the US, features a new type of corn that can be engineered to be resistant to a new strain of Bt toxin.

The USDA says that apple farmers can now buy the product as a “Farm Dog Food”.

It says: “This is the first time the USDA has been able to market a new product from a farm that was designed to withstand the Bt toxins from Bt corn.”

The apple farm that produced the new product was one of four apple farms in Tennessee and Kentucky that received the B. t. toxin from a Bt cotton crop.

The farm said in a statement: The apple farms that received this Bt gene from Bts cotton are now the only apple farms producing apple products with this BT gene.

The Kentucky Farm Dogs are a partnership between farmers and their apple farms.

It has been more than 15 years since a B.t. toxin-resistant apple was made, and farmers have been using Bt-modified varieties for more than 20 years.

The farmers have long been concerned about the impact of the BTS corn and its ability to grow with the toxin.

This has caused them to develop a new Bt maize variety, the Blue Mountain Bt, and they are hoping that this new corn will help them with their pest control efforts.

The corn and the Bts have been developed by geneticists at the University of Tennessee and are known to be effective in preventing Bt crops from growing in the corn.

The BTS is a non-toxic plant that produces a toxin that is less toxic to animals than other plants.

It also has anti-bacterial properties.

The farmer who developed the apple and BTS variety said in the statement: This is a good, easy-to-grow corn that we are happy to grow, and the farmers are excited about it.

In a statement, the company said: The Kentucky farmers have an established track record of successfully growing high-yield, disease-resistant crops.

The company has tested its new corn in a cornfield and has found that it is very resistant to the BT toxin.

In the future, the farmers will use this new variety of corn in the production of apple products that will be sold to consumers.

The apple farmer who created the new BTS strain of corn said in his statement: We have been developing our Bt and Bt resistant corn varieties for many years.

This new variety, called Blue Mountain, is a different type of Bts corn that is resistant to BTS, which means it can withstand the toxin in a field.

The Blue Mountain variety will be produced in Kentucky for the first of many apple farms to receive the BTD corn.

Bt Corn is a Type B toxin and can be sprayed on crops to prevent them from becoming resistant to it.

It is one of several types of crop that have been genetically modified in the US to resist Bt.

There are also other Bt varieties that are resistant to other toxins, such as those that are used in the pesticide glyphosate.

Apple farmer Mike Gentry, who is also a scientist at the company that developed the new corn, said in an interview with ABC News: We are extremely happy to have this product in the marketplace.

He said he is confident that this will be a success.

The crop that is now in the market is Bt Ready corn.

Gentry said that he had been working with the farmers for years to develop the BTM corn, which is an engineered version of BTS Ready corn that the company will sell to consumers in the future.

He also said that farmers who are able to find Bt seeds have been able, since the BNT program began, to increase the yield of their crops.

He says that the Btn Ready corn will be the first Bt crop to be used in apple production in years.

“We have to make sure the Btrts corn is ready to go,” he said.

“I don’t think anyone knows the true impact of Btn-Ready corn on the environment and food supply.”

ABC News’ Mary Beth Pomerantz contributed to this report.

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