When the government’s farm program gets hit by a lawsuit, the question is when, not if

When the federal government’s Farm Bill passed in 1993, it was one of the most progressive farm bills in history.

But for farmers, the bill did not go far enough.

The farm bill left the door open for private farms to dominate the federal program.

As a result, the state of Arizona was left out in the cold, and its state farm program never took off.

Arizona’s farmers are suing the federal agency responsible for administering the farm program, the Department of Agriculture.

The lawsuit argues that it was wrong to grant farm subsidies that allowed the private farms’ dominance of the program.

The lawsuit was filed last month in federal court in Phoenix.

A trial is scheduled for next month.

The government has not commented on the lawsuit.

“It’s a shame that a federal agency has failed to fully understand the impact of the farm bill,” Arizona State University professor Brian Hales said.

When Arizona’s farmers sued the federal Farm Bill, Hales was not among them.

The state farm bill, passed in 1990, created the state’s first statewide farm program.

That program has been in place since the mid-1980s.

Hales, who is president of the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, said that when it came to the federal farm bill’s farm subsidy rules, the federal agencies had not kept up with the states’ changing needs.

In the early 1990s, when the state was still in the midst of a drought, Hale said the government tried to change its rule for determining how much a farm could give to its farmers.

That rule changed in 2001 to only allow the federal Agriculture Department to grant a maximum of $25,000 per farm.

That allowed farmers to be able to give up to $10,000.

The rule also gave the USDA an opportunity to review how much the state could receive.

After the farm subsidy rule was changed, Hays said that the federal department did not review the rule until 2004, when it began to review the farm subsidies program.

The federal department said the change did not change the fact that the rule was written in a way that allowed farmers more flexibility, Hides said.

In a response to the lawsuit, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement, “We have made significant progress in improving the integrity of the federal subsidy program.”

Vilsak said that “the federal agency is aware of the suit and will respond to it appropriately.”

A spokeswoman for the Department for Agriculture said the agency is “committed to ensuring that we are providing the right incentives to farmers to grow, grow, and grow.”

The spokeswoman said that under the Farm Bill’s rules, it is now possible to get a waiver of the $25k cap for certain types of farming.

But the spokeswoman said, “This does not mean the $20,000 limit is waived for all types of agricultural operation.”

The lawsuit also says that the state can’t take advantage of a federal rule that allows the federal Department of Labor to review a farmer’s eligibility for farm subsidies.

The program is called the Farm Work Authorization Act.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has not said whether it is reviewing the suit.

More than 20 states have sued the Agriculture Department over the farm-subsidy program, but it has been nearly six years since Arizona’s lawsuit.

This case was filed in federal district court in Tucson.

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