How to save $50k on a Costa Farms Christmas Farm Fire

Farmland fire near Costa Rica is burning at a rate of about 1,000 acres per hour, the Associated Press reported.

But even as the blaze has scorched about 30 acres per second, a state farm stadium on a remote farm near the capital is providing some relief.

Costa Rica’s Costa Fruits and Vegetables Authority (CFVCA) has sent in a crew to help with clearing debris and other emergency operations.

Costa FVCA, which is run by Costa Rican President Jose Costa, has not said when it will resume operations, but in the meantime, it’s donating a helicopter to fly firefighters and other personnel to the fire to provide them with firefighting support.

The CFVCA says it also plans to provide temporary housing to those affected by the blaze.

It will also provide water and generators for residents affected by weather conditions, the AP reported.

Here’s what you need to know about the wildfire: 1.

It’s the first fire to hit the Costa Fos farm since 2014.

The fire is in a region known as Costa Rica-Santiago de la Plata, or “Santiapaste,” and the fire has been burning there for more than two weeks.

The farm has about 500 employees, according to CFVDA.


The cause of the fire is still unknown.

CFVMA said it has no evidence of arson, and no one has died in the fire.


The area is known for producing large quantities of tomatoes and strawberries.

The U.S. State Department reports that Costa Rica produces more than $40 billion worth of fruit and vegetables each year.

But many of those produce are exported to the United States.

Costa Rican Prime Minister Ana Correia has said that her country is facing a “massive economic crisis” because of the economic crisis and a shortage of basic goods.

The Costa Rican economy has been struggling with low wages and inflation, and many have begun to question whether it’s time to accept the international community’s austerity measures, as the United Nations has called for.


The region’s population is growing, according the United Nation’s World Food Program.


The fires also caused the loss of hundreds of homes and businesses.

Some 200,000 Costa Fusas workers are based at the Costa Farms, according CFVSA.

The loss of a large chunk of their livelihoods is a terrible blow to those workers.

But CFVHA says that since the fires started, the area has been largely cleared.


The government says it has dispatched emergency workers to help clear debris and help people with flood-related problems, as well as to distribute water and food.

The news is being celebrated around the world, and residents of Costa Rica and the U.N. are looking forward to the return of the economy to normalcy.

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