Apple’s new Apple Watch has a new logo

Apple has released the new Apple Watches design language and brand image, and it’s really, really cool.

The new design language was first revealed last year at WWDC and it takes advantage of the Watch’s ability to automatically adjust the face to fit the wearer’s face size and body shape.

The image is a simple, clean design with a subtle blue border that’s just the right amount of “Apple” for the company’s logo.

Apple has also added a number of subtle touches to the design to make it more visually pleasing to look at.

The first, and perhaps most notable, change is the inclusion of the word “Apple,” with the word placed at the top and bottom of the design, a design element that makes it more noticeable to look for.

It’s a bit subtle, but it’s not entirely out of place.

The design language is more open to interpretation than previous Apple Watchers, so it’s important to keep an eye out for changes as they roll out.

We’ve already seen the brand icon appear at the bottom of Apple Watch faces and the company is expected to introduce a new design icon later this year.

For now, though, Apple has stuck with the classic “apple” logo and icon, which we’ve seen on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

We’ll be following Apple’s lead and updating this post with more information on the new design as it becomes available.

Update: An Apple spokesperson told The Verge that Apple Watch design language isn’t coming to the iPhone.

This is what we’ll be getting.

“The design language will be available for download on iOS devices, with the Apple Watch version being available on the App Store later this fall,” the spokesperson said.

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