Woman met farmer boys

A woman from the small rural Italian town of Piacenza met two boys who were the future fathers of her four children.

Francesca D’Alessandro met the boys when she worked in a farmhouse, where they worked alongside her two brothers, according to local news.

D’Alesandro, 25, told local media that the boys had helped her raise four children, aged between seven and 12, before they died.

She said she had been so overwhelmed with the response that she decided to start a Facebook page dedicated to raising awareness about her plight.

The farm where the children worked, known as the Fonzini farm, is in the rural region of Pieta di Bregolazio.

After the boys’ deaths, D’Ablesandro decided to help children living in poverty and in need in Piaceta by posting on social media about her family’s plight.

Her page has since garnered more than 8,000 likes and more than 400 comments.

Her efforts have been a positive and uplifting experience for the children, who have been given a second chance at life.

D’Adele, 12, is one of the children and D’Angelo, 11, is the other.

“I think they will be the biggest heroes of my life,” D’Alsola told La Repubblica newspaper.

“They will tell my story and tell everyone about what it means to be a girl in the countryside, and how we are all sisters, brothers, and parents.”

I want to be remembered as a hero.

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