What’s behind the massive dairy farm near the German border?

Dairy farms have been operating in the German state of Bavaria for more than a century, and are now increasingly seen as the last bastion of German-made farming.

As a result, the dairy industry is now one of the most important industries in the country.

The dairy industry employs around 2.8 million people in Germany, according to the country’s Federal Statistical Office (Bundesstatistische Staatsverfassungsschutz).

But the milk industry is also facing a severe challenge.

The number of farmers who produce dairy products in Germany is falling, as new technologies and cheaper processing methods have made it easier to produce more and more dairy products.

As more and better milk producers have to find new markets, there is growing competition among them.

For the last few years, many dairy farmers have been forced to close their farms.

The farmers are not happy with the fact that there is less demand for their products, especially from the cities, as the demand is higher in the countryside.

Some of the German dairy farmers even have to relocate to other countries, such as Austria, Sweden and Norway, to continue to produce milk for the market.

“The milk industry in Bavaria is struggling because it is struggling with the same problems that are facing other industries, such for instance with food and beverages,” says Jens Möllert, a dairy farmer in the small town of Farsberg.

Möllerts family is one of several that have been left with nothing but their farms and are not able to find work.

“We are not sure if we will be able to survive with the help of other farmers,” he said.

“It is too difficult to get a job in the industry.”

In the past few years the German government has taken measures to reduce the cost of milk production and introduce better technology.

The government has also increased subsidies for dairy farmers, and introduced a new program for farmers.

But this is not enough for the dairy farmers.

The main reason why they cannot find work is that they cannot afford to pay the government more for the milk they produce.

The current price of milk is just €7.25 per kilogram (about $10), according to Germany’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

In some parts of the country, it costs more than €8.00 per kilo (about US$11).

This is why the farmers of Fardsberg are struggling.

Möllerts family has already had to sell his land, and is now looking for a new location, where he will be financially secure.

“It is impossible to work in a dairy industry where the price of the milk is higher than €7 per kilowatt-hour,” he told Al Jazeera.

“The only option is to relocate.”

According to Möllers family, the price is only going to go up more.

He and his family have been living in a small house with only two other people since they moved from another farming community in Germany.

Mörkelts father and brother are not the only one struggling to make ends meet.

Other farmers are also facing this situation.

In the past three years, the number of farms closing has increased, with the number falling to just over 200 in 2015.

“As the milk prices have increased, so have the costs,” said Wolfgang Eick, the chief executive of the National Dairy Farmers Association (DFA).

“I do not know how to cope, I am so sad,” said Eick.

“I do think the government should intervene and help us, but we have been asking for years for better conditions.”

Eick, who works for the Dairy Farmers of Bavarian Country, said that farmers have lost so much from the government’s measures to help the industry.

He added that the farmers have not received any compensation for their losses, despite being owed the same amount as all other farmers.

“There are no guarantees in the contract,” Eick said.

He believes that the government is trying to make the industry work by forcing it to pay farmers as a percentage of their production.

“I think it’s a bit of a shame,” said Möilerts father.

“They are only taking away €5.75 per kilocalorie, which is almost half of what we earn.”

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