How to run a farm

A farmer is one of the most powerful people in India’s agriculture.

His job is to provide food for all his flock.

He must also be able to provide water, electricity and fertilizer.

But there are some serious challenges facing rural India.

A recent report by the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) has highlighted serious challenges faced by the rural population.

Among them are lack of land, lack of irrigation infrastructure, lack and inadequate infrastructure and inadequate transport infrastructure.

The report also highlighted the need for an ambitious rural land reform programme.

The report said that India has around 5.2 billion people.

Only 6% of them have access to adequate access to land.

India’s land is not being utilised for agriculture and there are very few farm plots that are being cultivated and cultivated.

This is because most of the land used for agriculture is owned by the landowning class.

Land for farming is owned at the village level.

According to the report, about a third of rural households are not using the land for agriculture.

This means that in rural India, the land is being used for industrial and commercial purposes, which is a clear violation of the Indian constitution.

As India’s rural population ages, so too do its agricultural resources.

According the report by ICAR, only 40% of the rural land has been cultivated in the last 50 years.

In rural India today, only 4% of rural population has access to access to a decent, clean, and safe drinking water supply.

In fact, India’s drinking water is very poor and the quality of the water is not even acceptable for some people.

The country is also facing a lack of infrastructure.

About 70% of India’s roads and highways are not constructed according to national or state standards.

Many roads are still unfinished and many of the bridges that connect villages are crumbling.

In addition, roads in rural areas are often damaged, choked with debris and often cannot be used as the road is not paved.

Even when the government is trying to fix and improve roads, it does not always work.

For example, in rural Maharashtra, only 11% of roads were repaired and rebuilt in the years between 2001 and 2012.

In addition, India has only one major road network.

That is the Ganga.

The Ganga is one the most sacred rivers in India.

It carries the sacred water of millions of people from their sacred places in different parts of the country to the rivers in the Himalayas.

India is facing major problems in managing and managing the river.

A major cause of this is the fact that the river is not managed properly.

This has resulted in many large dams being constructed along the Gange.

It also has a significant impact on water levels in the river and water pollution and pollution of the rivers.

The river is also polluted with heavy metals and chemicals.

The polluted river is threatening the water quality of many rivers.

In recent times, the water level of the Ganges has been rising in some areas and the water levels of the Brahmaputra and Yamuna have been dropping in other areas.

In many places, the rivers are now not even flowing, and people have started to fish upstream from their homes to fish the river for their livelihood.

These are some of the challenges faced in the rural and remote areas of India.

The ICAR report highlighted many serious challenges in the country, which are likely to continue to pose a serious challenge to rural India’s future.

One of the biggest problems facing the rural sector is the lack of proper irrigation infrastructure.

This includes the lack and insufficient infrastructure for a reliable and efficient irrigation system.

The availability of adequate water and fertiliser is another major challenge facing the Indian population.

The lack of adequate infrastructure also makes it difficult for farmers to manage their land and to use their land efficiently.

This leads to the erosion of forest and other vegetation.

According this report, there are around 1.5 billion people living in India and they account for 40% or more of the total population.

Only 10% of this population is using the country’s land for farming.

The Indian government has launched several initiatives in recent years to improve the quality and efficiency of the irrigation system in the region.

For instance, the Integrated Drainage Project (IDDP), which was announced in 2017, aims to provide more than 40,000 km of irrigated land in the state of Maharashtra.

However, many of these irrigation projects are still not operational.

For some, the project is still not complete and they have to wait for a new project to be started.

Another major issue facing the agriculture sector is poor infrastructure in rural villages.

The main problem facing rural households is that there are no reliable and adequate infrastructure for farming and for irrigation.

The poor infrastructure is caused by many reasons, including lack of basic infrastructure such as roads, drainage infrastructure, power, water and fertilizer supply.

Many rural households cannot access any of these basic infrastructure facilities because they are owned by landowners.

Many people do not have access either to electricity or water because they do not own their own electricity.The

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