Farm, land and farm

Happy Day Farm, Land and Farm, a family-run business based in New York City, has been making vegan cheeses since 2008.

Now, the company is launching its first vegan cheese-making process in the US.

Happy Day’s founder and co-founder, Lauren K. Whelan, explains that they chose to focus on a cheesemaking process because it offers a number of advantages over conventional cheesemakers.

“It’s very simple.

You don’t have to have a ton of machinery to make vegan cheese.

It’s so cheap,” says Whelans.

“It’s also easy.

The only real equipment required is a blender, which is a lot cheaper than a large scale cheese mill.”

The process used to make Happy Day cheese was simple enough, Whelants says, and they even sourced ingredients from farmers who use them to make their cheese.

“They have no special equipment, they just use organic, local ingredients that they’re growing,” she explains.

“So, it’s a very simple process, and the cheese is very well-balanced.”

The company currently offers vegan cheesecakes in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Happy Hour, an American-style vegan cheese, is also available as a vegan option in the UK.

Happy Meal is available in several countries, including Australia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Happy Day is now accepting orders for its cheeses, and is currently working with two dairy farmers in Australia to produce a range of products that they plan to launch as well.

“We’re just getting started on this.

We’re also working on a range for the U.K. and a few other countries,” says K.

Whelans, “but we think it’s going to be a really good time to get this going.”

Happy Day’s vegan cheese products will include a range that includes three different types of vegan cheesecake: a gluten-free chocolate cake, a chocolate cake with cashew cream filling and a vegan vegan cheeseburger, which has a base of cashew cheesecake and vegan cheesefood.

Happy Life has also launched vegan cheese ice cream, which was originally created for its vegan cheese and is made with a vegan base of dairy-free ice cream and vegan cheese spread.

Happy Life also plans to launch its first artisan vegan cheese line in the future, but the dairy-based products won’t be vegan.

“That’s one of our goals,” says Lauren.

“But we have a lot of plans that are very far away, but we want to give people something that’s delicious.”

Happy Life has already launched a vegan chocolate and vegan ice cream line, which includes both gluten- and dairy-Free options, but it’s not the only company making vegan cheese options available to consumers.

Vegan cheese makers are also expanding their range of vegan products, which include vegan cheese cakes, vegan cheese balls and vegan vegan cheese mousse.

The company also recently launched a range in its Australian stores that is a vegan-friendly alternative to Happy Life’s chocolate and ice cream.

“The store is not vegan, but there are other vegan options,” explains Lauren.

“We’re trying to get more people interested in vegan cheese.”

Development Is Supported By

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