How much is a fox farm worth?

Farmers’ rights activists have taken to social media to ask the question: how much is an apple farm worth to the farmer?

The ABC has been unable to confirm the value of the Fox Farm farm at the time of publication.

The farm’s owner, the Fox Family Farm, says the farm is worth $15 million, but this was not verified by the ABC.

“The farm has been bought from a friend and she said the price is going up,” Fox Farm owner and farmer Mike Fox told the ABC last month.

“I’m not sure what the deal is at this stage, but it’s probably more than $20 million.”

The Fox Family farm is in the south of Victoria, but is located in an area known as the “march of thorns” and has been described by some as “the last bastion of fox control”.

Fox Farm was established in the 1930s, and the farm has an annual capacity of 25,000 apple trees, which are exported to China, Japan and South Korea.

The Fox family farm was purchased by a woman named Lucy in 2009, but has since fallen on hard times.

“Lucy has been a bit of a mess for a while, but she’s finally been able to sort it out and put everything back together,” Mr Fox said.

“She’s got an older farm house, but there’s nothing left of the farm except the farm house.”

There’s just no money in the bank and the house is a mess.

“Fox Farm’s current owner, Lucy Fox, says her family have had to sell their farm in order to make ends meet.”

The Fox Farm has been managed by Lucy Fox’s son, Jason, since 2014. “

The money was gone and she was just trying to make a living.”

The Fox Farm has been managed by Lucy Fox’s son, Jason, since 2014.

Fox Family Farm is a private farm owned by the family.

There is currently no website for the farm and the property is not listed on the Victoria Land Registry, although it is listed as being owned by Lucy’s brother, Jason Fox.

Fox Farm has no confirmed date for its closure.

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